Don't mourn Guitar Hero...mourn Call of Duty

Guitar Hero's franchise cancellation might be bad news for its supporters, but it's even worse news for Call of Duty fans.

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choadley2902d ago

In five years Call of Duty will still be big. It'll be the games that got small.

LordStig2902d ago

nah i give it maybe two more cod games and the franchise will be a dried up river-bed.

RockmanII72902d ago

Modern Warfare 2 - 21 million sales
Black Ops - 20 million sales

I'm sorry, but that's not going to go down that far in 2 years. Also in 2 years its going to be 2013, new consoles will either be out or will be coming out soon and then all the people who found their favorite CoD to play will move to the next gen consoles and have to buy a CoD for that gen of consoles.

Soldierone2902d ago


Devs don't want a new generation and there wont be new consoles out by then because of games like COD. unless Activision actually invests in the franchise to further improve upon it, then it will end up just like Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero. From the looks of it, Treyarch is already working on the next COD to come after MW3, which means unless IW has been working on something then we will get another MW1.5 and people will get tired of it.

People said it wouldnt happen to Tony Hawk, people said it wouldnt happen to Guitar Hero. They were too "strong" but common sense will tell you this business model is made to cash in and cash out.

RockmanII72901d ago

@Sold You're wrong, people will still buy CoD even if it is bad, but you have to remember that your definition of bad and their definition of bad are two completely different things.

Also, who said Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk were too big to die? Both have been going downhill since before this gen even started.

--------2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

and the sales for retail game purchases dropped 50%, they would still make more money than they did with Black Ops due to the fact that the consumer purchased the game, the online subscription and future DLC. They would make a massive lump sum of money before they killed the franchise and moved on to another one, and the subscriptions would continue to pump money into their company. I'm no analyst, but even if it ends the franchise, they'll get what they want out of it - money, and lots of it.

If they had never released WAW, and spent 2 years creating Modern Warfare 2, essentially making it COD4 with better visuals, smoother game-play, decent perks etc. with a stable online multiplayer (better defense against hacks/mods, OMA etc.) and then released a huge expansion pack for the game complete with new maps, achievements/trophies, Spec Ops, Camos etc. a year down the line, I think the franchise would be in fantastic standing.

People would have invested their money in an amazing, better version of COD4, and then been given a massive expansion pack (essentially a whole new game) a year down the line, it would've been a respectable franchise and a great business move. Instead, they milked it dry and sucked the life out of it. It's sad really, Call Of Duty could have been so much more than just a stale cash cow that most people regret ever purchasing. I appreciate that many love the franchise, and I don't mean to offend anyone. I'm just saying that in my personal, humble opinion - I think that things could've been done better (I know I'm stating the obvious, but I miss the COD4 days)

JamesDeRosa2902d ago

It's really funny that Activision is calling a moratorium on Guitar Hero, which they sequelized into its grave, in an effort to push development of sequels for Call of Duty.

I actually think this an exceptionally savvy business move...given one thing.

When the drive COD into the ditch, will they have another property to fall back on again?

As it stands, I see nothing on the horizon. EA's business moves recently may seem less impactful, but at least it looks like they've got a long-term business plan.

I'm excited to see how this shakes out! (Crazy conjecture: Ubisoft ends up on top!)

Redempteur2902d ago

When COD is arrive to the lowest point possible for profit they'll REVIVE the old franchise they killed before ..Simple as that ..

evrfighter2902d ago

The one thing that I never wanted to happen will happen when cod goes boom.

Kotick will pop the lock on the treasure chest labeled blizzard. When the cod train crashes and burns expect to see more wow expansions and more items in the wow cash shop.

I already know Diablo was dragged into the laboratory to be dissected on how to annualize him.

Pandamobile2902d ago

Yea, eventually the Call of Duty money train will run out of steam. Instead of selling 20 million, they'll only sell 10 million, then 5 million, then 2 million...

And what will Activision have after Call of Duty gets put to rest like Guitar Hero? Continue to mooch off of WoW's revenue? Do they think Bungie's new IP will take over once COD fizzles out?

While EA's games may not sell as well as Call of Duty, they at least have dozens of games that all pull in millions of purchases every year. Madden, FIFA, NHL, Dead Space, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Battlefield, Spore, The Sims, etc... EA has a ridiculous amount of IP's that they can continue to profit from.

One other thing that EA has over Activision is that they actually make NEW IP's. A concept Activision can't seem to grasp.

Soldierone2902d ago

Bungies game will be what Activision makes of it. COD is nothing more than marketing and a MS mascot. Look at Singularity running off the same engine and plays extremely well, that could of been the Bioshock competitor if Activision opened their eyes.

Bungie releases their game next year, expect Activision to either market it like the next big COD thing and Bungie will get ticked just like IW for milking it to hell, or Activision will push it then fall back on COD and wait for something else.

The thing about Activision is they do have gems, not as many as EA, but they do have them. They just get pushed under the table because Kotick wont make millions off it.

tacosRcool2902d ago

No more CoD for me, ever

frjoethesecond2902d ago

Before activision merged with blizard Ubisoft was the biggest publisher in the world so it's not unlikely they will return to no.1 when activision has nothing but wow left.

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femshep2902d ago

i will mourn nothing Activision makes until they actually make a good game that hasn't and won't be milked to death by a poorly developed yearly release

frjoethesecond2902d ago

I remember back in the ps1 days activision used to publish some really good games. But even then I preferred ea. Future cop lapd ftw!!

SybaRat2902d ago

There is nothing Bobby Kotick cannot destroy. Nothing!

Relientk772902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

I Lol'd at that


Bathyj2902d ago

The only reason I care is I'll never see GH:GnR.

If there really are going to call it day on this franchise, why dont they finally release one more game where you can import .mp3's.

Its the last game so they wont be harming future releases, and it what everyone wants. Back in the day I would have paid $300 for it.

Soldierone2902d ago

Last game, but not last DLC. They wont get DLC sales, plus we all know the greedy music industry will sue because thats violation of "rights"

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