PlayTM: Halo 3 review round-up

Critics lavish praise on the Big One: With a number of prominent online publications waiting until the weekend's conclusion late last night to publish their Halo 3 reviews, it is with the Monday morning still bleary in our eyes that we're able to sit down and dissect the critical response to Halo 3 thus far.

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PumPum4094d ago

I think ppl without a good internet connection or without internet will strongly disagree.
Todays games rely too much on online gaming IMO. Why dont they consider that in their reviews? Do they assume that everybody has a +2mb/s connection and live gold?
No game is perfect.

power0919994094d ago

Have to agree with you. No doubt this game is going to be a lot of fun, but no game deserves a perfect 10.

9.9 is fine with me, but I truely don't like anything being given a perfect score.

Oh well. That could be why I am not a game reviewer :).

Rageaholic4094d ago (Edited 4094d ago )

I know I am gonna get alot of disgree's and flames from the xbox fanboys, but after reading most of these reviews it just seems alot of reviewers are giving near perfect to perfect scores due to the hype. ITs starting to feel like a halo 1, 2 hype all over again.

Im sorry but how can you get a near perfect score, when even the reviewers themselves state that 1) graphics are not all that 2) AI is not that great 3) campaign Is short and not the most inspiring thing.

All the reviewers fall back and say the multiplayer is totally awesome, yet all the gamemodes that are presented seem rather generic and nothing is brought new to the table i.e. deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag etc.

It is also kindov contradicting when these reviewers will mention that the single player campaign is not that all inspiring..... yet they would go on raving that coop campaign is totally awesome like its next best thing to butter.

I would understand had most reviwers pointed out the single campaign is pretty dam good , and the coop campaign is even better.... but this is not the case from what I read from most reviews. Its like a polar effect campaign is meh but coop campaign is totally awesome.???

Its funny with even gamespots review, they would give halo 3 a very high score then they would basically imply halo 2 was not ALL that yet they also gave that game high praises.

Lastly, it just seems that the reviewers are raving about the multiplayer but there are no specific details as to what makes it so good. More importantly there are no great changes implied that makes this game revolutionary in the multiplayer front.

After reading all these reviews I can honeslty say this game will only cater to the ppl who liked halo before, because it just does not seem there is any change... Unless your a extreme fanboy like one of my friend's.

Conversation between me and my friend

me: get r6v its the best shooter game right now
friend: nah I really dont like shooters, plus im not good at it
me: so i guess your not going to get halo the most popular franchise on xbox
friend: im for surely getting halo
me: but you just told me you dont like shooters
friend: but its halo
me: OKKKK have you ever played halo
friend: nope
me: OK

thats how the conversation ended. I get an odd feeling that alot of these reviewers are xbox fan's and are they are suffering the same halo effect as my friend.

PumPum4094d ago

Its a good game but not the second coming of christ.

JokesOnYou4094d ago (Edited 4094d ago )

"I would understand had most reviwers pointed out the single campaign is pretty dam good , and the coop campaign is even better.... but this is not the case from what I read from most reviews. Its like a polar effect campaign is meh but coop campaign is totally awesome.???"

huh?, it seems to me most reviewers ARE SAYING THE CAMPAIGN IS GOOD, but if you haven't noticed by now Bungie has absolutely shattered the bar when it comes to the greatness of the multiplayer features, Halo2 is still the most played console game for this very reason, and Halo3 has completely outdone what Halo2 offer in this regard, therefore Halo3 stands alone when it comes to multiplayer.

"...the best game yet in one of the best FPS franchises of the era."
"...the flaws are so minor that even the most churlish of reviewers would be hard pressed to mark the game down."

"The single player is bigger and brawnier than anything that's been attempted on a console before."
"The new features - Forge, Saved Films, Coop - are frighteningly addictive."

" one aspect of the game is life-changing on its own, but perhaps the package as a whole is."

"It's not going to revolutionise the genre - it's not meant to - it's meant to be great fun, which it is."
" incredible gaming experience that offers many different ways to play it, alone with your mates, or against the global community."


"Halo 3 is extremely well paced from beginning to end, introducing new environments, weapons, and equipment at a steady rate. Another testament to Bungie's design chops: the game's intensity and downright awesomeness remains steady for almost the entire campaign."

I don't know why its hard to understand that Halo3 has a pretty good single player campaign and a multiplayer that seperates it from other online games= an awesome total package worthy of a 10 in some reviewers mind.= why does that bother sonykids so much? I thought you kids didn't care about Halo3?, why so much interest in scores for a game you aren't going to play? bitterness is a tough pill to swallow=