China: Shanda Says No to Men Role Playing Women Characters

Shanda Entertainment - one of Mainland China's heavy hitters in the gaming industry - announced that their subsidiary, Aurora Technology, has frozen accounts of male players who have elected to play as female characters in the King of the World MMORPG. Apparently there are no bans on women playing male characters, but women (and men-wanting-to-play-as-women) will be required to prove their gender via webcam. How exactly is this all going to work? And is it going to last? Who knows - but it certainly seems very odd and not prone to lasting long:

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Farsendor14096d ago

2 above me are weirdos but anyways i dont think this will last very long but i dont know much of china. like the freedom to choose either male or female characters in games and im guessing most of those gamers do also.

maybe the people that say no male gamers can play as females ended up getting embarrassed cause he was flirting with a in game female character but found out that it was actually a male.

happens all the time in mmo yeah think flirting over the net is stupid but that crap happens and its not going to stop anytime soon. i say let em all make fools of their selfs

WilliamRLBaker4096d ago (Edited 4096d ago )

*checks another person that cannot read*
I think the list is like 80 people on this site that can't.

not sure if i should add you to the list of people that are illogical, by your statement you just said this site is neither for just american gamers, and neither for all gamers...
Its either one or the other.

Wolfmoonstrike4096d ago

lol so easy to bypass if all you need is a webcam and a girl. but also think it's kinda wrong, you play a mmo or rpg to be someone/something different. If they wanna be a girl let 'em I say. funny stuff though

Wolfmoonstrike4096d ago (Edited 4096d ago )

baker you seem to like to flame people dont you.volemort gave his opinion and you flame him. what for what is your valid reason for doing it? your reply just doesnt make sense to what he said I just can't see why you flamed him? because he called you a wierdo?

WilliamRLBaker4096d ago

lets see...Who flamed who?
Last I checked calling some one a weirdo was a flame.

all so Last I checked He deserved it for making such an illogical statement.
Ghost Says this isn't news worthy because its about the communist chinese.

I set him straight that this is news for gamers, not News for american gamers, Or news for none communist gamers.

Then Voldermort comes in and says both of us are weirdos? for what? because I think that all gamers have a place here? really im a weirdo for that?

And if you dont like what I have to say then ignore me its easy to do, and you added to the list of people with illogical statements and inabbility to read.

Wolfmoonstrike4096d ago

so you take being a wierdo a bad thing? man I'm proud im wierdo it makes me different sets me apart from the main stream crowd gives me a different view on life. but if you think being wierdo is flameing fine whatever your call I think the guy was just trying to make a joke. and just to set the record straight I thought the ghost flame was spot on.

Farsendor14096d ago

yeah agree wolf. but lets hope they tell the male characters that they are actually males playing. things could get messy if they dont.

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