Assassin's Creed producer talks new IP

What they talked about: After giving a brief rundown of how she landed her current gig at Ubisoft, Raymond took a step back to look at current trends in the gaming industry. Social and casual gaming were up first as Raymond talked about the top games in the industry in terms of players and revenue generated. At the top of this list were Facebook titles.

Raymond went on to say that the proliferation of platforms has helped change the way she thinks about gaming. There are a ton of new screens and platforms that gaming developers can target, she said. More importantly, there are a number of new ways to interface with games, from the Wii and the Kinect to touch screens on mobile phones.

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meetajhu2805d ago

its been a long time since i saw this cute chick

dredgewalker2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

I agree but she kinda looks like Bayonetta with her hair down. :)

crxss2804d ago

she got extremely hotter since 2005...? she used to be cute but that picture is... wow

Man In Black2805d ago

I'll buy your game, Jade!

MWH2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

i'll buy you a game, Jade.

nskrishna22805d ago

She looks younger than before and she's lost weight. I don't remember her to be this way when I saw Assassin's Creed reveal (the first one)
I maybe wrong, but she looks way cuter now

George Sears2804d ago

It's just the camera angle really. She looks cute as she always did.

AllSystemsRocks2805d ago

The best Ubi marketing tool !!!

ColinZeal2805d ago

Those glasses are so perfect on her.. Total hottie.

Then about the IP, what is it? Curious.

dredgewalker2805d ago

I have to admit that I am a sucker for girls with glasses that are also pretty.

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