Tips and Tricks to Kinect Adventures for the Xbox 360 Kinect

Kinect Adventures is the default Xbox 360 title that comes with the new Kinect sensor. This game includes five mini games that can be played single or multiplayer. The goal for all of the games is to earn as many Adventure pins as possible. The number of pins that you are able to collect will determine whether you will be awarded a bronze, silver, gold, or platinum medal. Here are some easy tips and tricks to get a huge score and whoop your friends.

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Bigpappy2809d ago

Pretty good advise. This is the kind of stuff game journalist should be doing, instead of trying to tell people which game are for and no for you. They mostly take themselves way to serious. I could tell that this guy actually spent the time fully test this game. A some one who has put a lot of time in, I find his advise to be quite good.