This Week In The Universe #3 Character Evolution

The DC Universe Online MMO allows every possible aspect of the player's character to be customized.

The evolution of your Super hero or villain opens many doors to change your look and develop your own personalized style. You may do this at any time during game-play. There are no wrong combinations so it is all about experimenting with creativity to get something that is eye catching and stands out amongst the masses of other costumes.

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Hitman07692832d ago

Check out the slideshow its pretty sick what you can do with the combinations and thats not including the level 30 stuff yet.

-Mezzo-2832d ago

agreed, pretty cool stuff it is.

Kreyg2832d ago

Im with mezzo on this one. That was pretty sweet

9thGenHero2832d ago

Shit I need to get back to leveling my character up!!!