Low Enslaved sales blamed on poor timing

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West underperformed because it was released at the wrong time of year, publisher Namco Bandai has claimed.

Marketing VP Carlson Choi told Siliconera that it was a mistake to release the Ninja Theory-developed adventure title in October, during a packed holiday season.

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Schism202809d ago

It may have sold a little better had it been released some other time because other games like castlevania los and fallout new vegas were games that were released around the same time and those games were miles better than enslaved.

smoothdude2809d ago

I have been wanting to try out enslaved, however, it looks like I should rent it, not buy it.

FAGOL2809d ago

Definately rent it. Not worth a buy tbh. Plus you'll probably finish it in a sitting or 2.

tacosRcool2809d ago

Probably find it on ebay cheaper than renting it

bakasora2809d ago

Its because at that time they announced they are taking over DMC project. Thats why people don't like it. Lol

JoySticksFTW2809d ago

It's a good game, but timing is NOT to blame.

The story was ok, but not gripping or something to come back to time and again

Certainly not $60 good

If you are thorough with collecting things, you will beat it in two play sessions

Gameplay was ok as well

Then there's the dmc hate

And the HS "low sales" excuses

And then the dev comments of the characters moving better then Uncharted2's rubbing people the wrong way as well

And people blame timing?

I didn't realize absolutely insane must-have blockbusters were getting released every week or two.

People have had ample time to pick up Enslaved since release -- and at budget prices too

I'm glad I played it, but I would have been upset if I bought it full price.

For those wondering whether to bother with the game or not, definitely play it!

But as others have said rent or purchase at a low price.

Ultraplayerxp2809d ago

So glad I picked up New Vegas over this. From what I've read the game seems to have no replay value whatsoever.

Istanbull2809d ago

Whats funny is Heavenly Sword on PS3 sold 4x times better than Enslaved on 360+PS3

captain-obvious2809d ago

you deserve this NT
you should not expect to sell a 10 million copies out of your first or second game

Baka-akaB2809d ago

The whole it's because of dmc bit is silly .. even if the would be well deserved .

The regular client doesnt check news as much as we do , doesnt know who the hell make DMC , and dont generate that kind of backlash .

The game was DOA because of timing , because the demo revealed a meh game , and because while praising it to no end , the press still mentioned a short sp only game ... in a hack that doesnt generate massive sales .

frostyhat1232808d ago

To tell all you guys its worth a rent! Imo its a buy. But you should at least rent it
Here is a good review

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MaxOpower2809d ago

"castlevania los and fallout new vegas were games that were released around the same time and those games were miles better than enslaved.

No they were bigger, better promoted. But not better! Also, totally different games and styles.

ChronoJoe2809d ago

Always gonna be good games releasing.

Saying your game would have done well when it had no competition during it's release period, does not say too much about your game.

jetlian2809d ago

competition as far as games in general go. Its not like they had 20 action games and they came up short.

They went up against games with more replay value which this genre isn't known for.

DigitalAnalog2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

You would see that this is already forseen. When you complain about sales to your HIGHEST potential fanbase (which are 1.5 million HS purchases), this is not surprising by any means.

Not to mention this is a "niche" title where only game lurkers are fully aware of it. Unfortunately, that niche comprises more of PS3 fans that would've made a difference. A lesson learned here today, buyers have the POWER and pissing them off would not in any way make them buy your games.

I forsee another potential disaster for DMC, you've heard it here folks. You've heard it here!

-End of Line

jack_burt0n2809d ago

DA speaks the truth.

And these damn "it sold so poorly" articles every week are generating nothing but total apathy towards anything ninja theory ever make again.

xAlmostPro2809d ago

They should have just made heavenly sword 2, even if they took it multi-plat(not sure if sony own the rights, so sorry if this isn'tpossible) it would have sold more than enslaved AND wouldn't have got so much bad response from the PS3 fanbase.

I think it did poorly because it was a bad game :/

HolyOrangeCows2809d ago

Yeah, blame Father Time, not your boring platformer that plays the platforming sections almost by itself, with boring combat on the side.

Your game was BORING, Ninja Theory. It was boring and you lost out on PS3-sales by insulting its fanbase's intelligence.

Heavenly Sword sold REALLY well considering how short it was.

Cerberus21252809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

I don' think it was so much timing,it was a combo of a short game,them talking all that trash the PS3 gamers,game better than Unchated,or anything out there for that matter,and all the other trash they said,core gamers got mad,and store clerks did that recommended the game for those reasons to the more casual gamers. I got it for $5.00 from Amazon,it was $19.00 and I had $15.00 credit,for buying some better games.

PS. the platforming was trash.

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ITLoo2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

I borrowed it from a friend and enjoyed it, but the replay value is low. I would rent or borrow.

Mystickay862809d ago

Should've been out for $39.99, similar to BlazBlue:CS. I don't think I would've shelled out 60.00 for the game. It's a great experience though.

despair2809d ago

I got it for $22 on Amazon black friday lead up deals, definitely worth it at that price.

saimcheeda2809d ago

like they blamed SONY for heavenly sword!

jetlian2809d ago

sword was released earlier. And they didn't get much money from it due to sony owning the IP.

Cerberus21252809d ago

Not so much that but,the PS3 sales were low at the time.

sashimi2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

Its always the blame game with NT. If it is truly as good of a game as some people are claiming it to be then it would've sold regardless.

mantisimo2809d ago

Not necessarily, look at ico, psychonauts, okami and other games that were simply overlooked by the majority of gamers yet all have a cult following and some rereleases or hopefully sequels.

I am not putting enslaved in this list but it's not as bad a game as the demo suggested I have nearly finished it and have really quite enjoyed most of it.

jetlian2809d ago

restarted playing it yesterday. Its ok but they could fix collision animations and what not. I'm on chapter 7 I believe looking for trip. Girl up and lost it.

I got the DLC already too

mantisimo2809d ago

@ Jet what's the pigsy story like is it worth buying?

jetlian2809d ago

haven't tried it yet. still need to beat the game. heard its like 3 hours long and more stealth shooter like. got good reviews

xAlmostPro2809d ago

Wait what the eff..

@mantisimo & @jetlian

you guys just made no sense, 1st mantisimo you said it wasn't as bad as the demo suggested and that you've nearly finished it..

Then jetlian you said you restarted PLAYING(note the emphasis on playing) and you're on chapter 7.

The mantisimo you ask him "whats the story like is it worth buying?" after saying you've nearly finished it? lol..

Then jetlain you say "don't know, havent tried it yet?" after saying you're on chapter 7? .

Is this an N4G double act of hipocritical commenters? lol

mantisimo2809d ago


I believe we were both talking about the downloadable content pack called pigsy's perfect ,whatever it's called.

I don't own it and wondered aloud (to jetlian)if it was any good, Jet says he/she bought it but hasn't played it yet. As he/she is playing through the story of the main game itself.

Sheesh learn to read man ;)

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