Destructoid Review: Halo 3

The thing of it is, Halo 3 is almost two separate games; the multiplayer and the engine Bungie has built around it could stand alone as a completely individual retail release, and is likely to keep gamers occupied long after they've finished with the campaign. But Destrutoid can't ignore their traditional boner for the single player campaign.

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ktchong4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

Shouldn't a title scores at least a 9 to get Editor's Choice!?

ShiftyLookingCow4042d ago

yeah that didn't make any sense, its like they were proving a point with 8.5

masterg4042d ago

I think 8.5 sounds about right.

I don't get how a site like gametrailers has a long list of things that aren't top notch on the game and then turn around giving it 9.8. That just doesn't make any sense.

Like this:
They say the graphics are no where near the best looking game and the character models are bad. When it comes to score they give it a 9.2. I mean wtf is up with that.

They said the friendly IA are some of the worst they have seen but that doesn't seem to matter in the score.

Ive been really disappointed in how some sites seem to be bias. Other games have gotten slaughtered for less.

Still I'm looking forward to getting this game tomorrow to see it all for myself.

MK_Red4042d ago

Destructoid sure has taken a big risk by giving Halo 3 score of 8.5 out of 10.

FCOLitsjustagame4042d ago

What do you think will happen to them for not liking the game as much as others? You think MS is going to send the scary black helicopters after them? Maybe a master cheif or two? Or do you think rabid Halo fans will storm their facility? This is not a political powder keg, there is no risk to stating your opinion about a video long as you are not surrounded by a bunch of rabid fanboys.

MK_Red4042d ago

Well, internet IS the ultimate fanboy section and many people will lose their interest in a site if their fave games get lower than expected scores from them. Also, lets not forget about their PAX Mass Effect controversy.

Still, can't say it's a bad review.

HeartlesskizZ4042d ago

I dont see where is the problem with that, If they have given a higher score but then articles after start saying that they were force to lei.

I want honest reviews just like Gametrailers did.
Reviews like that will make people sure of what to get or not.

mesh14042d ago

its funny how these uknown web sites are the only 1s giving haloo a belo w0 score ? even non games site are giving halo a below 9 score hhaha how funny =)so i expext their game reviewers to be as exp as lets say gamespot/ign/1.up/gamtrailers ?i dotn thik so this was a poor review froma poor website prolly gettin cash from sony

MK_Red4042d ago

While Destructoid is certanly no IGN, I wouldn't go out and call them unknown. They are pretty popular and if you read the review, it's actually very positive and honest. A site like GameTrailers really loved the game and gave it 9.8 while Destructoid didn't enjoy it as much as GT and gave it 8.5 but both reviews are good and helpful.

JokesOnYou4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

thats how most sonykids act, I really do fking hate it, and if you go back and look at my comments from the Destructoid Mass Effect story I didn't rant and rave and call them bias (or any other review) and I wont do it now, why? because I'm not insecure about what I like and I know that Reviews are simply a collection of "professional" opinions, just as gamers taste vary, so do reviewers= in any case the sum of the whole is greater than 1 review (if you even care about reviews in the first place) and based on all the info I have seen and read over the last year I have never doubted the SUM/CONSENSUS from these sites would clearly show Halo3 is one of the best videogames ever, and when its all said and done its OVERALL ranking will support that statement=

but most importantly the fans will have the final word, because Halo3 will ultimately be judged by the millions of fans that just keep playing Halo3 for "some wierd reason" even after other so called better games have come, passed and been forgotten (like during Halo2's reign) the millions who just keep playing via xbl, the countless Halo3 parties, the big money Halo3 tournaments, the endless trailers and vids across the net of fans who are still playing Halo3 when there is so much better stuff. Sure Halo fans will buy and play plenty of other great games, but I'm betting many won't have 1/4 of Halo3's longevity, DISAGREE, ha ha its your money?=


Keowrath4042d ago

So the part at the end of the review where they say "BUY IT!" was said because Sony paid them off... What goes through some of you fanboys minds??? Is there a button that says switch off brain before logging in?

Anyone else tired of seeing this excuse by 360 and Sony fans when a game doesn't recieve a SHINING review? I know I am.

Keowrath4042d ago

Hey "JOY", the "360kids" are just as bad as your "Sonykids". They are both fanboys. All camps have them. There's even "Nintendokids"

In fact looking at most of your comments, you fit rather well in the "360kid" role.

You can be an "owner" of any console without being a fanboy. Grow up and try it.

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Farsendor14042d ago

destructoid been payed off by sony? that was kinda lame well did you not see the part where the reviewer plainly states hes a pc gamer?

the reviewer said this
The year's biggest release drops this week -- does it live up to expectations? Can it shake the curmudgeonly, jaded aging PC gamer (me!) from his self-righteous perch on high? Hit the jump to find out!

so im guessing he was expecting just a bit more but theres nothing wrong with a 8.5 thats a great rating.

well besides all of this i totally disagree with just about everyone that comes to this site and comments well actually i disagree with most gamers these days bunch of idiots sticking to one game console forget about true gaming. what it was like to have fun with all games to bash others no matter what system they was on. sad generation for gamers.

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