Major Nelson Taunts Kevin Butler’s Battleship Mistake

As we all know, PlayStation 3′s VP of everything, Kevin Butler, was tricked into re-tweeting the PS3′s root key–a code which allows for the Sony console to be jailbroken. At the time, he believed it to be a game of Battleship, but he was dead wrong. It seems as though Major Nelson decided to get a little laugh out of this situation on Twitter.

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Abash2806d ago

Stay classy Xbox division

Godmars2902806d ago

How can they with Greenberg there?

Anarki2806d ago

Kevin Butler - 1 Mistake
Aaron Greenberg - OVER9000!!!!

SSKILLZ2806d ago

Lol new record for greenberg he gets achievement

kancerkid2806d ago

Please explain to me how Kevin Butler is in any way classy? Not saying I don't like him, but no, he is not classy.

Biggest2806d ago

Who said anything about Kevin Butler's class? Is that how you defend Major Nelson, kancerkid? Start talking about other people?

HolyOrangeCows2806d ago

Major Nelson, Greenberg, Cliffy....what a classy bunch these guys have been recently.

DelbertGrady2806d ago

@HolyOrangeCows - At least they're on the winning team. Being last for so long has made you lose your sense of humour, if you ever had one.

MintBerryCrunch2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago ) all the KB commercials that went PEW PEW PEW which was directed at Kinect is no different than this?

stay classy N4G with your double standards when you praise one side and bash the, how many of you really think that the Fictional character KB is in charge of that twitter account

no offense, i love KB and what Sony has done with him...but when both sides cant poke fun at one another, then whats the point, when no one can take a joke

reality check ladies and gentlemen

goflyakite2806d ago

Major Nelson wishes he could be 1/10 as awesome as Kevin Butler.

gaffyh2806d ago

Greenberg has actually kept his mouth shut for the past few months, I'm quite surprised to be honest.

XabiTheHumble2806d ago

@DelbertGrady How do you win with no games?

killershadow1172806d ago

"Who said anything about Kevin Butler's class? Is that how you defend Major Nelson, kancerkid? Start talking about other people?"
If you are being sarcastic then good job, if not then you are just as bad as these PS3 fanboys. (if not then im sorry)
You ps3 fanboy guys need to stop taking everything as you are personally being attacked and start to attacking others. It's just sad, this is just a joke, get over it. I find it funny and I am a ps3 player.

DragonKnight2805d ago

@DelbertGrady: I didn't know that Aaron Greenburg and Major Nelson worked for Nintendo. Wow. The more you know right? /s

2805d ago
NukaCola2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

I would call standing up for mom gamers, and attempting to unit all gamers as a whole pretty classy. He took a few cracks at Xbox and Nintendo but not one was in bad taste. I mean the Kinect reveal with Cirque de Soulei was bananas.

Treyb3yond2805d ago

@ crusadernm

Go play your 3 exclusive games and be quiet.

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-Alpha2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )


What's so distasteful/classless here? It's a joke, a slight poke at something everybody else seemed to find funny. No need to take it so seriously


It's OK here when we have a whole advertisement campaign that makes fun of Kinect/Wii's lack of buttons/waggle (Pew!Pew!Pew!), but god forbid a simple tweet poking at the guy that handles the KB twitter account!

FailOverHero2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Of course its ok! He's with SONY.

ActionBastard2806d ago

I have no idea how anyone can disagree.

Christopher2806d ago

I think it's funny. Especially knowing that it's actually Major Nelson tweeting and not a PR team. You can't say the same behind the KB team. I still love his commercials, but you gotta admit their faux pas there was pretty funny.

-Alpha2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

"You can't say the same behind the KB team"

Exactly. Sony's mascot is clever because it allows Sony's PR team to bash/poke at the competition in a light-hearted manner that is genuinely funny.

But PR talk is still PR talk, Sony is clever enough to create a character that can get away with something that is usually seen as flamebait.

If Jack Tretton said the stuff KB did without the comedic mood it would be perceived as trash talk.

winflasher02806d ago

@Fail I don't get you. First you act all mature, then you resort to childish comments. You should change your name to FailOverFail

dazreah2806d ago

Alpha you have to remember what site you are on hating on Sony is bad, hating on MS is good. For a site called news for gamers there are not many on here.

gamer20102806d ago

Some people's double standards are truly ridiculous.

Mahr2806d ago

"If Jack Tretton said the stuff KB did without the comedic mood it would be perceived as trash talk."


"I think the PS3 is the Surf 'n Turf, the PS2 is your favorite burger restaurant... [Wii] is a lollipop, and I'm too old for lollipops. And the [Xbox 360] I get sick from once in a while because the cook isn't always reliable."

ShinMaster2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

But you're, it's a joke.

But that was true! Hahaha
The Wii's casual:hardcore game ratio is hugely favoring the casual.

And the 360...well...

Jezuz2806d ago

omg, someone with sense here!

showtimefolks2806d ago

and about n4g not long ago this site was all MS camp with ps3 doom and has no games sony should leave gaming articles

so when the tables turn a bit now its wrong for the other side to say anything

i have both consoles for a while but its amazing how MS's fans started this whole thing of ps3's doom now learn to live with it

LtSkittles2806d ago

@Shin Butler wasn't saying the Wii doesn't have buttons, he was making fun of the boxing, and pointing at the screen saying "pew, pew, pew," was a shot at Kinect.

wsoutlaw872806d ago

true but the ad did have a reason. They did it to show why there product is better. There is no real point to his comment and it really isn't creative or funny. Im sure hes not the first person to think of that. He's making fun of a person who was probably fired because of this mistake as opposed to a product. KB doesn't tweet about all of Major Nelsons twitter mistakes. I really don't think the tweet was a big deal but there is a difference.

ShinMaster2805d ago

Well that's also true. Whenever I play Wii with someone in my family, like Tennis or something, they always swing their arms while I just flick my wrist.
Although Wii motion plus improved it a little more.

With Kinect, it was literally that. As shown by that Kinect FPS video.

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orakga2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Seriously? Are people this gullible??

Like I said, the "Root Key" that Kevin Butler tweeted the other day were FAKE. The real Root Key is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, so the joke is on everyone (including Major Nelson, maybe?) who actually thinks that was a serious mistake by Sony.

I'm not sure what's funnier; the fact that Sony knows how to make fun of itself, or the fact that the audience can't tell a joke from a serious mistake EVEN WHEN it comes from KB's tweeter acct.

Christopher2806d ago

It could be real, but it would have only have been a portion of the actual metldr key.

-Alpha2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

He erased the tweet. If Sony was making fun of itself or if it was fake, they would have kept it up.

It seemed more like a silly mistake: the Twitter handler mistook the numbers as a battleship reference and soon after realized the mistake of responding to the guy who clearly was trying to antagonize Sony's situation of trying to sue everybody (Come at me!)

I don't know the real codes or if this one was fake or not, but it's clear that it was a simple case of misunderstanding the reference.

Mahr2806d ago

"Like I said, the "Root Key" that Kevin Butler tweeted the other day were FAKE"

It's not fake; it's just the dongle key, not the Root key.


Kevin Butler tweeted one of several keys used in jailbreaking a PS3. I'm not particularly certain why it matters *which* of them it was.

orakga2806d ago

@ Mahr

Hmm... that *would* make more sense. I'm looking at the Root Key(s) and none of the match so I thought people were going crazy. (I've never actually seen the Dongle Key btw, so I can't confirm if this is true; I'll have to take your word for it)

People should stop calling this the Root Key then... just saying.

Mahr2806d ago

"I've never actually seen the Dongle Key btw, so I can't confirm if this is true; I'll have to take your word for it"

Linking to actual instructions on how to use any of the keys is verboten, but here are two articles about the tweet that should corroborate what I'm saying.


GrandTheftZamboni2806d ago

How old are people here? You guys need to understand that Kevin Butler is not a real person and is not a VP of anything. He's played by an actor. Why would he even have the root key in his possession? Especially if you don't even give him a credit of doing his own tweets.

orakga2806d ago

Thanks Mahr. Very kind of you to clarify.
I've been schooled. ;)

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TheGamerBible2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Kevin Didnt make any mistake. He knew full well everyone and thier mother already knew the code so he just decided to turn it into a battleship pun. Obviously satan has prevailed once again with this hack on Ps3. Another loss for God's gamers.

Zinc2806d ago

Why is everybody referring to the Kevin guy as if he were the real Kevin... or that the real Kevin, is in fact a character that is portrayed by an actor?

This shit is getting creepy.

Yeah, it's fun and the commercials are funny... okay. But, he's not really the VP of anything.

NeutralGamer2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

@The Gamer Bible

Get a girlfriend (or boyfriend)

Das_Bastardion2806d ago ShowReplies(2)
RockmanII72806d ago

Don't be a hypocrite, if it was MS who messed up and posted some security code everyone would still be laughing at them and would praise Sony for not shying away from the subject.

andrewsqual2806d ago ShowReplies(3)
R2D22806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Anyone up for a game of battleship?;)

Cheeky bastard

Blaze9292806d ago

after that slick remark by Kevin to Major Nelson at last year's E3, Larry is in everyway right to poke fun back at him.

In case you all don't remember:

look at the comments, no one is talking about class with Sony huh?

DSI2806d ago

Good point blaze, but it we have learned anything about N4G it would be that this is clearly the home of the hypocrit.

Clarence2806d ago

KB statement was a lot funnier.

Sony3602805d ago

No chins being tilted up with a sneery "how classless" comment there.

Funny that isn't it, Sony fanboys.

BlackTar1872805d ago

man you 360 suppoters are such victims everyone of your posts is so sad emo stuff. Damn.

Everyone is a hypocrite on this site thats a fact.

DragonKnight2805d ago

How is that even remotely comparable? There was no taunting of the brand, no snide remarks about anyone that works at microsoft, nothing even remotely similar to this situation. So yeah, explain how they are the same?

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elpresador2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

"The next generation starts when WE say it does," and this gem "People will do what it takes, even work overtime or get another job, to buy a PS3,"

Yea, SOny is all class and has never been douchy at all.

DragonKnight2805d ago

Ken Kutaragi. And the fact you're bringing up something so old speaks more about you than the lame point you're trying to make.

xAlmostPro2806d ago

LOL it was funny but the guy hardly tricked him, he didn't tweet him in hopes that he thought it was battleships.. he tweeted for a response from sony.. thats why he added the whole "come at me sony"..

Although it was a silly mistake by KB's twitter.

evilunklebud2806d ago

It was a joke... get over yourselves.

frostypants2806d ago

People...the Kevin Butler "incident" was a JOKE.

Good lord people are gullible...

Sony3602805d ago

Because the "classy" Kevin Butler was never above taking pot shots at a rival console.

How's the weather up on that imaginary pedestal?

xtremeimport2805d ago

no fanboyism here...but Major Nelson is a douche bag. I hate that idiot. he is just a journalist who thinks he knows games.

PostApocalyptic2805d ago

Kevin Butler = Sleazy salesman, and lets everyone know he is one

Major Nelson = Sleazy salesman, and pretends he's Consumer Reports advocate

P.S. The first time I heard Major Nelson he reminded me of a used car salesman from the 80s.

Dread2805d ago

wow the double standards here are amazing.

lighten up and stop all the crying

competitors always jab at each other, just accept it laugh at it and move along...

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N4GAddict2806d ago

I did not expect any different from Microsoft

RedDead2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Who gives a fu**? I found it funny, Sony probaby find it funny in an "Oh Shi*, didn't see that coming" way. It's a classical mistake. I doubt anyone will care. It's hardly a big deal really, it's just ironic that a sony representitive did it.

I'm sure Butler will be making jokes about it till the end of the Earth.

LtSkittles2806d ago

Butler isn't real, and Jerry Lambert probably doesn't handle the twitter account like it was said before.

orakga2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

There's no mistake here.
It was a deliberate tweet by Sony.

Because the "root key" isn't even the real root key.

TheGamerBible2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Dont be silly. Kevin is real. I saw him on TV once.

elpresador2806d ago

.....and does the same it is all good cause PS3 fanboys see him as a god?

I think the word for that is, um, wait a tick, its coming to me, its comeing to me, its.....oh yea


dragonelite2806d ago

Same like all the bullshit kevin butler puts outs.

Sony3602805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

You shouldn't have expected any different from Sony either. Kevin Butler pretty much dick-moved Nelson on twitter last year, and we didn't see you or any of the other moral-compass waving hypocrites complaining then.

In fact most of you were probably high-fiving each other, and commenting on how clever and funny he was.

Biggest hypocrites on earth.