No, Randy Pitchford did not confirm Borderlands 2 was in development

VG247: A few different gaming sites have misunderstood or read incorrectly a quote taken from an interview we did with Gearbox president Randy Pitchford during the Duke Nukem Forever event in Las Vegas recently. Contrary to what is being reported, Randy Pitchford did not confirm that Borderlands 2 was currently in the works at Gearbox.

farhad2k84675d ago

He didnt? :S *Boner goes back down* :'(

DFresh4675d ago

It's ok.
I'm sure other games will get it back up.

showtimefolks4675d ago

you mean to tell me after the success that the whole team is finishing duke nukeum. DN was almost done what gearbox has done is finish it and i guess did quality checks

borderlands 2 could be a huge sequel for gearbox and TAKE-TWO

joydestroy4675d ago

yeah it's in development whether they want to confirm, deny, or say nothing.

chidesd4675d ago

He may not have confirmed it but u have to b retarded to think that that little money maker doesn't have a sequel coming our way

Christopher4675d ago


*goes back to playing Borderlands*

Holeran4675d ago

It had better be in development, don't make me madder than this post already has.

Masterchef20074675d ago

Randy make it happen since its one of my favourites.

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Embracer Group Looks to Sell Video Game Studio Gearbox

The game developer is best known for Borderlands, which has generated more than $1 billion in revenue

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persona4chie78d ago

Hey n4g, can we maybe not allow articles where you can only read 3% of it before hitting the pay wall?

Snookies1278d ago

The disagrees were from people that already paid, haha.

neutralgamer199278d ago

They just bought them not long ago. This is absurd. Embracer owns so many gaming studios and IP’s. They just don’t know to manage them right TBH

Give us saints row 1-2 proper HD remaster (3-5 million in sales confirmed as long as no major bugs)

Focus on AA games that cost less than 40 million go develop while funding 2-3 major AAA titles. Those smaller titles should aim for 8/10 type games with focus on fun and be released within 2 years while bigger games are given 3-5 years

Sniperwithacause78d ago

You got it all figured out!
Sounds like you need to send over your resume to corporate office! Lol
All jokes aside. They need to figure it out quickly.

neutralgamer199278d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Lol no they need suits and number crunchers haha

What use to be available to us as bonus content for free by unlocking or cheat codes is now micro transactions

Gaming is generating so much money that we have so much soulless content simply for money grabs

Ristul77d ago

Embracer's problem is that they have spent too much on acquisitions of game studios and when they did, interest rates were lower when compared to today. With higher interest rates on their loans, they have to sell studios to raise capital.

crazyCoconuts78d ago

Sounds like a multi-million dollar "oops"

BrainSyphoned78d ago

If they would have bought Bethesda their stock would have crashed and sunk the company a couple days ago.

1Victor78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

I’ll be the jerk that says it
Get’m Microsoft get’m, or Sony 🤷🏿

Outside_ofthe_Box78d ago

Hopefully Microsoft saves us and buys them. Gaming has never been better because of them!

shinoff218378d ago

If your not a borderlands fan what have they made good

dumahim78d ago

Brothers in Arms series.

1Victor78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Thank you your disagrees makes me feel good to know you don’t think I’m a jerk 🤣