Next-Gen Interview: In Tokyo with Phil Harrison

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios boss Phil Harrison hits on the big issues within the Playstation business in this extensive Next-Gen interview.

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power of Green 4042d ago

WTF happend?, I don't know about Sony's TGS but MSFT's content sucked. No content no info no nothing I hope we'll see content flood in after Halo gets out of the media way its sucking the life out of the industry's flow.

mentalboy114042d ago

there was one thing that stuck out most from TGS about microsoft, and i dont mean to be a fanboy, even though i only have a ps3, but lost odyssey is on 4 discs. tisk tisk tisk, it rhymes. :)

but this years TGS wasnt too great, nothing new, just reviewing what happend at E3 with a more japanese twist. it'd be great if we were there though, but from a news and business point of view, not much.

power of Green 4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

"There were a lot of Western-developed games that were in the montage during Kaz’ keynote. As the industry becomes truly global, do you think the Japanese-flavored games from Japanese developers are losing their relevance at all?".

????Hmmmm...Reading Phils reply to the quote above, Somebody should tell Phill the Japanese are having trouble adjusting; with only a few understanding how to please both East and West and not blinded by pride.

Don't attack me I have almost every single Sony fanboy or rabid hater on ignor many I blocked in Halo 3 threads today people are getting out of hand due to Sony's lackluster performance fanboys venting on MSFT and fans.

A good game is a good game?, my ass the Japanese will never embrace what sells well in the west, the same goes for some of their wack sh*t selling well over here(have to mix the styles to sell outside niche markets).

Remember do not attack I can't see you.

mentalboy114042d ago

N4G was the first time i saw a sony fanboy. honestly, the ones on 1up arent too bad, but the ones on here are psychotic. same goes for 360 fanboys, i saw them on 1up all the time called wii60s and they CONSTANTLY came into a club called the playstation network club, AND SPAMMED IT. fanboys should burn in hell, really. ALL OF THEM1!!!!

nix4042d ago

oh.. the fanbois here are too bad! specially the 360s. since the day PS3 launched they've been doing nothing but lynching the system. like POG here, who's the first one to comment on Phil's interview and he doesn't own or even intends to buy a PS3.

i personally am very happy to see nasim here because he single-handedly makes Mart, POG, cybersentinel, bladestar and others look like noobs! until now i was tired of listening to these 360 fanbois spamming the PS3 section! now nasim and achira makes them looks like kids! i know i shouldn't be encouraging such things but sometimes you gotta fight fire with fire! q:

romemac74042d ago

well i think Japaneses game are great just look at final fantasy or kingdom heart, but to what phil harrison saying, i think sony should just lower the ps3 price to $399.99 by taking out everything but the wifi, hdd and the blu-ray that all we need, get better game out the door, and remember is the gamer who buy ps3 not every day people. don't get me wrong i owe a ps3 but i think sony forget us,they keep saying there listening to what the gamer want but i don't think there hearing us. this is all we want, and yes i know some of you are going to say we have game coming but when next year!!! at lest the wait almost over soon we have good game starting next month and we owe 2008 with our line up!!!

mentalboy114042d ago

but they also need better and more advertisements. seriously, a crying baby? wtf. TALK ABOUT BLU RAY, and how it holds 50 gigs then maybe more people will buy it.

nix4042d ago

i think "it can hold 50 gigs" along with "Cell processor" ads also came out around the same time.

jackfatal4042d ago

ps3 runs operating systems also like Linux!!
and can brows internet!
so they should put adds thats says
PS3=OS,blue ray,DVD upgrade,internet,Cell,SONY:)

this year we have good games coming also, maybe the the greatest of all but still great games such as UT3,HAZE,uncharted,r&c TOD,GT5 prologue,Heavenly Sword,warhawk and more mulitplatform games.

romemac74042d ago

i never seen advertisements for the blu-ray holdng 50gb and i see a lot of tv lol. but i have seen the baby one and to tell you the true it scary the [email protected]#t out of me lol, then need to stop that s#$t and just do one showing off the game,the blu-ray,the 6axis,and how it hold 50gb stiff like that. not carp that a scary people like with the baby crying or ball flowing wtf,that make people not buy it.

nix4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

go to youtube and search for PS3 commercials... you'll get few in the lines of crying baby. i remember atleast five: blu-ray, Cell, crying baby, motorstorm, rubik cube (i.e. everything happens in a white room). now whether they aired them or not... i can't say that. q:

EDIT: i do remember seeing the Sixaxis thing too... q:

power of Green 4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

Who cares about LO WTF does that have to do with MSft and the TGS show in general sucking?. no one cares about CGI packed canned animation filled titles on more than one disc they never have.

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