Twisted Pixel on The Gunstringer's Kinect aiming (and shooting!) mechanics

Curious how Twisted Pixel's Kinect-powered undead cowboy marionette sim The Gunstringer works? Well, narratively, isn't it obvious? It's a western about undead puppets. As for the you-are-the-controller part, Twisted Pixel designer Dan Teasdale offers up a lengthy explanation on the studio's dev blog.

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OGharryjoysticks2809d ago

So it's Whack a Mole style.


Track1232808d ago

So this is the start of kinect hardcore games?

DelbertGrady2808d ago

Not really. There are a lot more hardcore games that have already been announced but people on N4G tend to ignore them.

kfloydchicken2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

I think those other "hardcore games" you are referring to, gets IGNORED because there isn't much info on them anyway (and how they are going to work).

Most of them at this point are just "titles".

... at least we are seeing some details on this game. Not sure if it's for me though.

DigitalRaptor2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Are titles likes this really gonna be considered revolutionary? All I see is hinderance to gameplay and the player (when compared to the controls and gameplay that have evolved positively over the years).

The gameplay that was described there is all I can understand as being "PEW, PEW!"

How long is it gonna be till you get tired of playing with artificial recoil as your primary gameplay method?

EDIT: I noticed near the end of the article they go on to say "In layman’s terms: you get to pew pew enemies with your hands."

Now I understand.

Masterchef20072808d ago

I understand what you mean. For me theres only one way to play shooters and thats with some sort of controller. Whether its mouse and keyboard, DS3, 360 controller or the Wiimote and Move. Move is looking to be way better for these types of games than Kinect in my opinion.

mantisimo2808d ago

There's a video of the teaser trailer from twisted pixel.

Masterchef20072808d ago

It would be a lot better with a guncon. I can deal with onrails (I love time crysis) but what i cant stand is not have a gun in my hand or something similar. I cant imagine playing a game like time crisis without the guncon.

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