Miyamoto on Wii, new side project

Mario creator talks to the Japanese press about his involvement in a museum installation and explains why Nintendo decided to "destroy the paradigm" of the games industry.

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BIadestarX5381d ago

Even Nintendo’s says it. They are all about "Game Play" if you want to try a new away of interacting with video games; the wii is the system for you; for everything else XBox 360, PS3 or PC.
One thing that amazes me is, ""We think that game designers, including us, have hit a dead end." What do they have to say about PC Gamming? Should Game developer start thinking about replacing the keyboard, mouse and joystick? How come PC developers are still developing great games while console developers like Nintendo are stuck and had to be changing the control every 4-5 years? Weird...

wakkiwakko5381d ago

Because PC isn't only for gaming. Games are a bonus. If PC was only for games you'd have new control schemes and new control pads. If PC was only for games it’d be the Xbox and the Playstation.

Also, you can't go anywhere from mouse and keyboard combo. So PC gaming has died ages ago. You can't improve upon it. You can add graphics and features but it will still use the same control methods.

It evolved from up arrow left arrow etc to wasd. And that was a big step. Now pretty much every game has that set as a default. PC gaming can’t be improved. Phycis don’t add much they’re just eye candy. Graphics have improved but it hasn’t done anything new. Audio had gotten more depth.

BIadestarX5381d ago

"So PC gaming has died ages ago." What interest me is that there are more PC gamers than nintendo gamers. Not bad for a dead gaming platform.

wakkiwakko5381d ago

Games are still made. Just like hairs still grow when you die.

But you can't do anything new for the PC. You can't introduce new controls/features/etc.

Games come as a default for the mouse+keyboard and they will continue to come like that. You can't add innovation. You can't add new things. You can't do anything. You're making games for a console that hasn't changed in over a decade. It’s just been upgraded. Even Nintendo changed a lot from nes to gamecube. Same with Sony with its PSX and PS2. A lot has changed. For the pc just the system but everything else stayed the same. And you can't improve upon it.

PS3 and X360 are just the same as their predecessors. Just system upgrades. Sony has done something with the gyro garbage but now it’s also coming to the pc and the 360. So what else is there? More system upgrades?

Ken Kutaragi5381d ago

Miyamoto knows what hes doing, no need to worry.