Harmonix: Death of Guitar Hero 'Discouraging'

With all the hubbub surrounding the demise of the Guitar Hero business, IndustryGamers wondered how Harmonix, which is dealing with its own struggles in the music space with Rock Band, felt about the brand it created and what the death of Guitar Hero means for Rock Band potentially.

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donniebaseball2809d ago

Well, it's sad, but I always preferred Rock Band, so if I had to pick one brand to die off it would be GH. Problem is RB probably won't be able to survive much longer either I would think.

NYC_Gamer2809d ago

music games will be replaced by motion controlled dance titles

Redempteur2808d ago

it's already happening

-just dance , singstar dance , the "experience "MJ ..ect ect

JoeReno2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Look at Power Gig you can already find that in the bargin rack at walmart. The demand or interest for music games is not as great as it was back when GH and rockband were fresh and new. Acti burned that sh!+ out. They are the only one to blame.

At least with Rockband they waited a bit before the next one, but I've still haven't felt the need to get RB3 yet. I can still have fun with my friends playing RockBand2.

Gamer_Z2808d ago

What they should do is stop making these games and let them sit for a while like 3-4 years then come out with a new Rock Band or Call of Duty this way these games will feel fresh again.

Nobody wants to eat tuna sandwiches every day and nobody wants to buy RB and COD every year.

Octo12809d ago

Sad but thats what you get when you keep milking a genre. Look at FPS's. People got sick of WWII themed shooters and now the cycle is just starting over again with these "modern" themed FPS. Where else can you go with Rock Band and GH? Everyone knew that it would eventually hit the ceiling.

Jezuz2809d ago

rockband is fun when you're with your friends

a_bro2809d ago

although i agree with you, that is also the problem. playing with freinds require expensive peripherals in order to play together. the whole rockband set would cost you approx $150-$200 USD just so you can have that luxury of playing with your freinds together.

i think thats one of the reasons why the Music Genre is declining, aside from "raping" these franchises.

Mikeyy2808d ago

i feel rockband is still relevent thanks to pro instruments. pro guitar is simply amazing.

Close_Second2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Yeah, but pro means its no longer the casual party game that it use to be. If you are not going Rockband pro then why upgrade to rock band 3?

Redempteur2808d ago

nothing is preventing you from staying in casual mode...

guitar_nerd_232808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

when ill they learn, theyd do much better in the long term if they bought devs instead of names sooner or later no1s gonna want to go near activision with their track record of running stuff into the ground

harmonix are still doing alright with their games lol

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