Banjo's Original Tinkers

When Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts arrived back in November 2008, the hope was that it would inspire a new generation of fans to get creative. And although many were content to use the building tools to topple Thomas’ challenges and send Grunty packing, others weren’t going to stop there.

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SonyNGP2808d ago


I am disappoint

HolyOrangeCows2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Nuts and Bolts made me want to piss in someone's cereal for making a slow game that revolved heavily around racing and was clunky.......I digress.....
...but some of the vehicle creations I've seen from it are pretty darn creative.

I was watching a video of them the other day and was LMAO at this swing set this one guy created. It didn't go anywhere, but it was funny.

Here's a walker in action.

DelbertGrady2808d ago

One of the most underrated games this gen.

mcstorm2808d ago

I think banjo n&b was underrated too I think if the did a remake with kinect people would buy it as the none core are picking kinect up. I would love to see a banjo game that goes back to is roots though 360 missing games like this.

TheDivine2808d ago

I dont get the hate for rare, this game is good, kameo was amazing, viva pinatas were great, kinct sports is solid and perfect dark was mediocre at best but a fun launch game. They just need to make a new 2d game, a new 3d banjo, and a new killer instinct. Id love a new kameo, it has potential to be the great xbox adventure game. Rare is great but ms made them do avatars and kinect bs instead of kameo 2 and whatever else they wanted to make.

actual_gamer2807d ago

Never understood why this game isn't mentioned in the same breath as Little Big Planet