THQ working on the next installment of Metro 2033

Charles from The Game Fanatics lets us know that THQ is indeed working on Metro 2034 after confirmation from THQ's VP of Core Games Danny Bilson.

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femshep2811d ago

Can't wait! i still need to find the English version of the books

VMAN_012810d ago

If you have an iPhone,iPod Touch or iPad you can get an english version on iBooks.

HungryGoku2810d ago

Awesome hope it's multiplatform.

plb2810d ago

It was multiplatform first time

DoomeDx2810d ago

Yeah, but they should market the PC version this time.

PC version was MILES ahead of the consoles version.

DelbertGrady2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

Metro 2033 2: 2034. <-- Would make an awesome title.

It's nice to see they get to make a sequel even though the first didn't do as well commercially as it deserved to.

neogeo2810d ago

I loved this game. The brand new engine was a nice and refreshing. I liked he story and ending. I have no clue how this game got anything less then a 8 review.

BTW this game kills PC's if you max it out, even worse then crysis. try it!

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The story is too old to be commented.