Why Digital Distribution is NOT the Future (TheGamerbuzz)

In recent years, game publishers, big time and small; have tried the digital distribution platform, trying to be the first to perfect the method. Guess what: no one has been able to do it with good reason.

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allyc4t2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Digital distribution is the future. A few years ago, PC gaming was declared 'dead' by many. Now because of things like Steam, GamersGate, Direct2Drive and Impulse, it's doing a lot better. Heck, someone just reported Steam posted a billion dollars worth of sales last year. That might not sound like much as of now, but down the road, I guarantee you that that number will become even larger.

Either way, with things like Steam, Games on Demand and digital game marketplaces like Xbox Live arcade and the PSN store, the digital distribution revolution is already happening and it will be the future.

pangitkqb2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

@ allyc4t

Excellent points. A billion dollars in sales on one digital distribution platform alone? Digital distribution is the future whether we like it or not.

I simply look at myself as an example. I still buy plenty of PS3, 360, and Wii games on disc, but I also purchase just as many games from PSN and Live. As for PC, nine out of every 10 PC games I buy is digital.

Continuing that thought, I almost never buy CD's anymore, and Netflix has all but killed my purchases of DVD. I now only get my absolute favorites on bluray. That's it.

As consoles continue to offer increasingly large HDD's, there is no reason not to buy games digitally. One of the first things I did with my 60 Gig PS3 was change it out for a 320 gig HDD. I still have over 200 gig available. And what is it available for?


StbI9902897d ago

Only mofos with slow internet disagree.

JohnnyMann4202897d ago

I agree. Whether we like it or not, digital is the future. Companies save so much money doing things digitally that once enough of their sales go digitally companies will make the change.

Does it suck, yeah kinda, but you will be a dinosaur someday if you refuse to change.

Ninver2897d ago

Hard copy will always be the preferred choice. Besides i need my local game store to stay open to get early access to games ;)

B1663r2897d ago

Yeah, CD's and DVD's pretty much prove that, download music and movies never took off.

Oh wait...

Ducky2897d ago

How so when some digitial distributors let you pre-load the game even before the release?

Pjuice2897d ago

sry to tell you dirty but down the road hard copy won't even be an option..........

Persistantthug2897d ago

Without retail, Console makers won't get their consoles sold.

The reason Best Buy's, Target, Walmart, etc sell consoles with such low margins, is because there's profit in the games.

Pjuice2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

yes but games can be bought easily over the internet isn't this what we are talking about software not hardware......... i think buying retail games will eventually be a thing of the past.

Persistantthug2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Lets take Onlive (the console version).
Not too long ago, the little console thing took a price drop to $66. Why? Because no ones buying it.

Why is no one buying it? Because Best Buy's, Gamespot, Target, Walmart, etc....None of them are selling it.

Why are no large chain stores selling Onlives Console? Because there's nothing in it for them. In fact, Onlive poses a THREAT to their entire business model. Why would they support it?

And lets just pretend Onlive could convince Best Buy's into stocking it. Can you imagine how it would be....In the back of the store, unattended, and raggedy.

Eventually, DD will happen and be priortiy, but it won't be anytime soon for consoles....perhaps not ever...not as long as Consoles need to be sold in stores at a loss.

The day Nintendo, MS, Sony, and any future manufac. don't need to make consoles anymore....that will be when games won't need to be on disks anymore.

Pjuice2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

ummm your talking about streaming games im talking about d/l games online lol wow. onlive does not offer a d/l to your hardrive it streams games off the internet and the fact is allot of console gamers buy tons of games online already you just don't realize it every expansion pack is bought online for your console all the xbox live arcade games bought online also and that trend will get more and more popular on console, but steam is way better than that you don't need to pay 60 dollars a year to have access to your games unlike xbox live hahaha,

Stealth20k2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Finally an article thats right on target.

Steam is only a drop in the bucket compared to physical pc game sales. And most of there sales come from extremely discounted old games.

And overall dd sales are pathetic when stacked up against physical sales. with dd sales alone there wouldnt be a game industry.

@ below. Your an idiot. More units of games are sold through dd but sales/profits are way way way higher when talking about physical games. And the profit on console gaming was at its highest point ever in 2008, in the history of gaming. So of course things go down. Folks dont be a moron like this poster below and feed into the crazyness.

BlackBusterCritic2897d ago

Stealth, you don't seem to know much. Publishers and developers make more money through Digital Distribution. PC Digital distribution sales are currently higher than retail sales. The PC gaming market is increasing yearly on profit, while the console gaming market decreases yearly.

You clearly have no clue what you're talking about.

B1663r2897d ago

Yeah, maybe I am an outlier, but a couple of years ago I heard all this buzz about this game called Left4Dead, and this thing called Steam. That was the first full game I downloaded, and I havent purchased a hard copy of a game since then.

emitcowboys2897d ago

would love to have this backed up by actual citations........ gonna take a guess you dont have any

B1663r2897d ago

Dang, I have to spend my last bubble showing you that you are absolutely wrong...

180 of those small little indy titles had over 1 million usd sales. Um just wow.

Fallouts2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

how the hell can a physical copy be more profitable over DD? did you even take a second to think about that?

sales wise im sure physical copies sell more at the moment but if it was all DD only i just dont see how it wouldnt be more profitable. no packaging costs, manufacturing, seller getting a cut, seller making a killing off of used games etc. all that will end, seems like your the moron stealth....

moodymofo2897d ago

everyone keeps talkin about how much more profitable dd is , why would i care about that anyway unless the savings are coming back to me somehow i meen if you want to buy a game and 6 months later its worthless then go ahead but i like havin something i can barter with

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