Killzone 3 Single Player Impressions [Examiner]

Playstation Plus users got some hands on time with a mission from Killzone 3's single player. So, how's it looking?

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ForceCSW2897d ago

I got it, and I'm really enjoying it. I especially like the new sticky cover system, for it makes the game a lot more fluid. Also the graphics are incredible as are the sound and animation.

Dannehkins2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Had a fantastic time on the Single Player demo. I can agree that there some minor hiccups, but I am very much looking forward to this game's multiplayer and single player and when I say minor hiccups I mean very minor. It didn't take anything away from the experience.

If you can, I would definitely recommend you try the single player demo. I think you will see such a stark contrast to what you're playing and to what reviews have been saying.

Dorwrath2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

I really enjoyed it. I disliked K2, I found it boring to be honest. However if the whole game is as entertaining as the demo I might just buy this instead of renting. i tend to only rent shooters from gamefly as generally I don't think they are worth the money IMO.

Sort of got bored with carbon copy shooters but this seemed to have upped the game by quite a bit.

On a side note. I sold my release PS3 a while back because I was having issues with it. I just purchased a slim yesterday and I'm looking for a 360 type PS3 controller. Any ideas ?

ForceCSW2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Maybe look into this one:

Not the best quality in my opinion, but it is cheaper and feels like the 360 controller.

-Alpha2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

K2's single player was boring? I loved K2's single player. I keep describing it as "meaty & visceral"

The story was non existent, which was disappointing, I still feel Killzone's universe has so much potential but it's just not being tapped. Instead it is a very basic "shoot this, shoot that" sort of story, but the actual context was an amazing experience IMO.

K3 continues that, so I know what to expect, but again, disappointed the story has been generally criticized for not being that good again. If they can have a brilliant story then it'd be perfect. K3 takes some obvious influences from Uncharted 2 (they've confessed this many times) and it's evident from even the opening music. I absolutely love brutal meleeing the HG. Again, the actual shooting experience in the demo is solid.

There are some third party 360 type controllers for PS3 out there, just google it. However, be warned that I am pretty certain most don't have SIXAXIS functionality.

Dorwrath2897d ago

Looks ain't important, not to me anyway. A game can look absolutely amazing, but if the storyline is dire it's going to do little for my enjoyment.

Then again it's a shooter so what do you expect for a storyline.

JBit922897d ago

I agree, the killzone universe is so interesting, but it never shows in the story

espiritu6042895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

i dunno, in kz2 u were basicly just heading for the helghast city so you were in hallways and stuff most times other than the desert. kz2s fun, but I think kz3 will be way funner becuz ur traveling from wasteland, city, jungle, snow and even space. so itll be much more exciting. Oh and NINJA HELGHAST!

SnakeMustDie2895d ago

Both Killzone and Halo have amazing universes but the stories in the games aren't as good.

multips3fan2895d ago

played the demo and it was great.

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