Exclusivity and the True Meaning of the Console War

Ryan Hauser writes, "Exclusivity – we have all heard the term before. But to each gamer it can hold a very different meaning. For some gamers, an exclusive title can be cause for celebration. But if you spend enough time on videogame forums, it becomes clear that most gamers would rather use the idea of exclusivity as a weapon, and as a means to brag about their superior gaming device. But when all is said and done, exclusivity is nothing more consumer loyalty, and this is exactly why so many gamers are so defensive about their precious exclusives. Crysis for example, was originally a PC exclusive title which hinged on its outrageous system requirements and stunning visuals to garner the envy of all PS3 and 360 owners alike. Now, EA has decided to widen its audience by bringing Crysis 2 to the console owners of the world – and I couldn’t be more thrilled. But like Square Enix’s decision to bring Final Fantasy XIII to the 360, many view the exclusivity loss as something to look down on. Like Square Enix, EA’s decision to go multiplatform is just a way to increase profits, allowing the company to create more of the titles that gamers know and love. With the support of two major console brands, the Crysis franchise has a chance to flourish. So I ask, why all the fuss?"

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NYC_Gamer4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

this console war stuff mainly exist on the internet/forums.the casual/average gamer out on the street does not care about this at all they just wanna play games.

DualConsoleOwner4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

because PC and PS3 can easily out perform it.

however, you need to develop separately to take full advantage of PS3.

This was shown in games like KZ2, Uncharted 2, God of War 3. I mean the game came out 2 years ago and still looks far better than any Xbox 360 games out there.

So no. Exclusive is more than bragging rights. It allows devs to take optimize better for the console they are working on.

Bigpappy4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

I don't know if those games look drasticly better than 360 games or not. If they do, does that make them better games than those on 360?

DualConsoleOwner4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

better graphic always always helps. better immersion and etc.

Also, there are more than just graphics.

bigger scale. better physics. more things happening in screen and etc.

and what you mean you dont know....

Halo vs KZ2

Pixel_Enemy4124d ago

I love console exclusives. I own all three consoles and it seems to me like exclusives are not only the reason to own specific consoles but the exclusives get more love from the developers. More time and effort and money goes into developing them. Games like Killzone, Uncharted, Mario, Zelda, Alan Wake and so on.

I Heart exclusives!

rumplstilts4124d ago

@ DualConsoleOwner

You missed the point entirely of what NYC_Gamer said.

Fred-G-Sanford4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

Exclusives are only a big deal if people actually want to play them in huge numbers, and this is something that the 360 has always had over the PS3.

Despite what a few PS3 worshiping fanboys would have you believe, there is no "Halo" or "Gears of War" for the PS3.

Games like Uncharted and Killzone are nice exclusives, but they are far from the "Mega" exclusives that fanboys pretend that they are, and they are certainly nowhere near the blockbuster status of a game like Halo.

Again, exclusives only matter if people actually want to play them.

TreMillz4124d ago

^^^^Is that why ODST swept all the awards in 2009? Oh wait...

Bigpappy4124d ago

not true. Better graphics can at times lead to laggy controls, and frame rate drops to the point where the game is unplayable. Great game play and compleling store always more important than how pretty the game looks. Graphics=gravy/=main course.

Biggest4124d ago

"@ DualConsoleOwner

You missed the point entirely of what NYC_Gamer said."

Except he replied to Captain Kinect. I never played Halo: Reach. . . I can't believe it actually looks like THAT though. I know the whole gameplay > graphics thing is big for some people. But after hearing about how wonderful Reach looked, I expected WAY more than that. It looks so much worse when compared to another game in its genre.

DelbertGrady4124d ago

PS3 fanboys are so protective of their exclusives. It's all they have left to brag about really.

Meanwhile everyone else is busy playing Halo Reach and COD Black Ops.

ash_divine4124d ago

@Delbert Grady

I'm not gonna take sides here, but atleast PS3 fanboys actually brag about games and graphics or whatever. As opposed to xbox fanboys, who brag about sales and uh... party chat.

rumplstilts4124d ago

@ Biggest

I don't see any post from someone named "Capitan Kinect" and it appears that he is directly responding to NYC_Gamer because his post is directly beneath his.

Did Capitan Kinect create a post and delete it? I don''t see where your're getting this information from.

Vega754124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

"Is that why ODST swept all the awards in 2009? Oh wait"

Is that the reason KZ2 sold 10 million copies? Oh wait it didn't. I guess awards means little don't it

blackmagic4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

Now that Killzone, Little Big Planet, Metal Gear Solid, Resistance and Uncharted have been shown on the NGP (psp2) does the PS3 have any exclusives left? I mean, if a game appears on the 360 and PC it isn't an exclusive anymore so now that these games are going to NGP they aren't exclusive anymore either, right?

@biggest below
It takes max a year to port a game and the NGP is supposed to be a dream to work on. They wouldn't have announced it now unless they were intending to release the NGP for christmas. We know they have already been working on the ports for some time now because all these games were all shown at the NGP press event in working condition. Most likely they will be launch titles at christmas. Nice try though, bro.

Biggest4124d ago

Captain Kinect = Bigpappy for those that are new to the site.

The NGP hasn't been released yet. The games shown on the NGP are even further from release than the NGP. I don't think they count as PS3/NGP games yet, bro. Nice try though!

Biggest4124d ago Show
blackmagic4124d ago

The 3DS was announced on March 21st, 2010, less than 11 months before launch. Kinect is a peripheral so I don't fully see the relevance but it was introduced as 'Project Natal' in June 2009 in the form of tech demos. The actually announcement where it's name, hardware and actual games were shown to the public for the first time was June 2010. Regardless, Kinect was available 1 year, 4 months after 'Project Natal' was announced at E3 2009.

Well, to support my "theory", here is the press release as published on Sony's own website.
NOTICE: Second Sentence in Sony's press release "NGP will make its debut at the end of the year 2011."

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lil Titan4124d ago

i didnt read the article but i can tell of the top of my head and what ive been saying since i heard console war...its to make money its a business tactic the same goes for your favorite products say pepsi or cola

kaveti66164124d ago

agree. i accidentally hit disagree.

Ayer994124d ago

Wii is king of exclusives. And for all of you that will say Zelda sucks on the Wii, stop hating!

teething4124d ago

I think a big part of the console wars is decision making and value. If you can only afford one system, you want to think you made the right choice. Bashing the opposition is a form of self reassurance.

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femshep4124d ago

console war you mean the war that ended when the systems were released? Exclusives are nice and what truly separate the ps experience and the 360 experience which makes it nice to play both systems

karl4124d ago

well said.. yet 360 is to buy Multiplatforms.. and ps3 to buy exclusives.. if u have both..

DigitalRaptor4124d ago

...or PS3 for everything! :p

femshep4124d ago

that's how i divide both mine up most if not all multiplats on the 360 plus there exclusives and only the best ps3 exclusives and if a multiplat is better
tho some multiplatform games are better on ps3 such as FF13

karl4124d ago

the difference beetwen multiplatform in quality is never big enough to say that u should prefer one version over the other...

in the end i just support ps3.. and since i dont have a 360 thats about as many options as i get...

but if u have both.. well.. u can always find a reason...

VINNIEPAZ4124d ago (Edited 4124d ago )

"console war you mean the war that ended when the systems were released? Exclusives are nice and what truly separate the ps experience and the 360 experience which makes it nice to play both systems"

OMG I [email protected] love this chick!
Death to all these 1 systems owning nut huggers

N311V4124d ago

Exclusivity is about selling consoles, it's saying buy this console as you'll only get such and such exclusive here. Simple.

Aarix4124d ago

Look, both consoles have amazing exclusive. They have great features and if you have one Stfu and just play it and don't be a little bitch trash-talking from the safety of behind a computer. Get the console your friend has buy games that appeal to you and just f***ing play it. Were all gamers ,fanboyism is pathetic at the highest extent.

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