Mortal Kombat Liu Kang Story Trailer

Liu Kang faces off against a few old faces in this exclusive trailer for Mortal Kombat!

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9thGenHero2811d ago

Damn, I was a little bit buzzkilled with his moveset & fatality, but I'm glad they kept his sound effects lol, was Kung Lao announced? That's my go to badass!

Silly gameAr2811d ago

Kung Lao was in the announcement vids. He was one of the first fighters revealed.

Check out some youtube vids. His fatality is sick.

Sub-Zero852810d ago

Kung Lao was one of the first 8 characters announced

dragonyght2811d ago

Kung Lao is in there i saw him in one of those trailers

SuperStrokey11232811d ago

I thought that was kinda crappy myself...

gamingdroid2811d ago

Yeah, I don't know why, but it seems the Mortal Kombat franchise is just getting worse and worse by the years.

Is it just me that feels like that?

SuperStrokey11232811d ago

It did until recently. The new one looks really good. I cant comment on DC vs MK though as i never played it. It looked promising though.

DGenesis_2811d ago

I agree all the other characters look badass but liu kang seems to have falling off

DFresh2811d ago

Mortal Kombat is by far one of the best fighting games I've ever played.

When do you think will see Krato's story and his fatalities?
(That would be so epic.)

ScarzFX2810d ago

Kratos wont be having a part in the MK story, he is only in the versus part of the game. He will have fatalities though. :D

Titanz2811d ago

He also got the hot princess ;P

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The story is too old to be commented.