Guitar Hero is Dead... Why Did It Take So Long?

"For the last 24 hours it seems that everywhere you look people are mourning the cancellation of the Guitar Hero series. People everywhere are tweeting, posting, and blogging their favorite memories and highlights from the years of plastic guitar shredding. Myself on the other hand, also a devout music game player, I think that Guitar Hero is everything that is wrong with video games today and it should have been put out of its misery a long time ago..."

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Ninferno2810d ago

It took so long because they just had to milk the franchise for every little bit it still had left.

JoelT2810d ago

Activision is so dirty.

iiprotocolii2810d ago

It was a strong franchise when it released. It started going to crap as every release became repetitive with regards to peripheral(s), and Rock Band released. There's really nothing fresh being done with the franchise. I'm honestly surprised it lasted this long.

thevokillist2810d ago

I wasn't a big fan of the series, personally. Doesn't surprise me that it fell under.

Chadness2810d ago

I did prefer Rock Band, I don't know why. EA is the lesser of two evils?

brandynevils2810d ago

I hate that picture of Bobby kotick.

Chadness2810d ago

I kind of figured things were heading this way with the downfall of the rhythm music genre lately.

MattJay2810d ago

I remember playing Guitar Hero for the first time in a Gamestop. I was in love with it and stuck with the franchise for a while, but I couldn't keep up.

Hey, maybe we'll see Beatmania return

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