Saints Row Demo Jacked 350,000 Times

Whether you feel that THQ's Saints Row for the Xbox 360, with its more-realistic visuals and seemingly copycat gameplay, is sincerest flattery or simply a riff on the Grand Theft Auto formula, there's no denying that it's already quite popular.

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TOM5374d ago

Wasnt thinking much of this game untill I played the demo. Now im on the preorder list.So for me,yes the demo earned them some cash.

DG5374d ago

Like I said before as long as there is an all weapons cheat and cops IM SOOOOLLLLLDDDDDDDDDD!

SEER5374d ago

This is a good game. Surprised me actually. That framerate needs sorting though, and a few cutscenes are flaky. Keep up the work Volition/THQ.