PlayStation Move creator wants to open the device to PC users

ARS: At the D.I.C.E. Summit in Las Vegas this week, we sat down with Sony's Dr. Richard Marks, the man behind the PlayStation Move, to talk motion controls.

While Microsoft's Kinect has been opened a bit, allowing hobbyist programmers to play with the hardware and write some of their own software, the Move is steadfastly locked to the PlayStation 3. But according to Dr. Marks, that may not be the case forever. In fact, he wants to give tinkerers access to all the data the Move creates, not just the little bit Kinect hackers have squeezed out of Microsoft's hardware.

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Loner2809d ago

Why are they only doing that now.Its seems like they are copying Microsoft

MintBerryCrunch2809d ago

right, because MS has come out and officially stated its support of Kinect on PC

everything has to be a console war with people like you....i dont get it

mac_sparrow2809d ago

Some of my students who were friends fell out over Move vs Kinect when I did a class on the tech behind move.

Wasn't pretty... or understandable.

rezzah2809d ago

@ MACsparrow

What was the conclusion of your presentation or lecture?

mac_sparrow2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )


the students had to design games for move, giving consideration to gameplay, control scheme and HUD.

They found it much harder to design anything they wanted to play using Kinect, especially the boys - who all wanted CoD but couldn't work out the accuracy issues with firing.

In the end it concluded that Kinect has a lot of potential, but just doesn't fulfill it at present. Oh, and then I convinced my school to invest in a move set as a teaching tool and rewards scheme, so far it's hugely popular with some students even trying to buy the vouchers they're supposed to earn through hard work.

Christopher2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

I'm in full support of device support across multiple platforms. But, if they do this, I'd really hope they would update the PS3 drivers so that SixAxis/Dualshock 3 controllers work with recent OS and 64-bit systems.

Kind of weird having only 360 and third-party controllers working for me in the PC version of DCUO.

multipayer2809d ago

Yeah, the button prompts in DCUO kind of struck me as odd too on PC. It would be like if when sega defected to other consoles they'd prompt for their own dreamcast controller that doesn't exist...

Motion Joy does exist though, maybe Sony should make it official since Xinput is as universal a PC controller is going to get.

ActionBastard2809d ago

Desperate? By having the PC community play around with the add-on? When you see a wonky Dead Space 2 being played with a Wiimote and Kinect, you salivate. Imagine using the Nav and Move with Dead Space 2 on PC and actually being able to play the damn game. Sounds like a brilliant play by Sony to be spread around as much as possible. PlayStation Suite, NGP, Move on PC, SteamWorks...they are the platform for everyone.

DEagle-izer2808d ago

OMG, What do they think they're doing?? PC already has new motion controls commin out for it. That's a useless move. They need 2 see these vids.

DEagle-izer2808d ago

and for triple post. It wouldn't let me put 2 links in the same box.

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Xfanboy2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

To do what? play an fps? this thing might get me killed in bf3!

Raf1k12809d ago

When you say something might do a particular thing you need to keep in mind that it might even do the opposite.

I think that after seeing what people have been able to do when hacking Kinect they now want to open up Move for PC which could lead to increased sales if it proves popular.

DORMIN2809d ago

Why are people comparing this statement to the Kinect? Thats right, people forget that the EyeToy was open to the PC.

Anyways, they should definitely open up the Move, I can't imagine the kinds of things people could make with its 3D tracking and accuracy.

P.S. LOL at the article picture.

ComboBreaker2809d ago

"To do what? play an fps? this thing might get me killed in bf3!"

Move is not just for FPS games. It can really innovate the stagnating PC gaming industry.

DFresh2809d ago

That's pretty cool.
This is where the modders come in handy.
If this ever confirmed great things will come out of this on the PC side of things.
Hell I bet you a good amount of people bought Kinect just to mod it on their PC.
Knowing that PS Move is really accurate with 3D Tracking and movement we can see some great games come out of this if developed right on both PS3/PC.

Titanz2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )


It cost less.

Christopher2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

Far from if you're talking about precision. It is cheaper, but not by much ($10 sensor bar, $20 remote, $20 Wii+ attachment). It also lacks the ability to track well in 3D, primarily in 2D with some very limited 3D capability.

@Below: I included the Wii+ attachment. It improves on the precision, but it's still not 1:1 and still doesn't give precise 3D tracking at level near what you can get with PS Move.

Baka-akaB2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

Still not as precise so far . And there is something badly advertised that people forget or dont know .

You dont need to constantly aim at the screen with the move remote unlike the wiimote .

Might not seems like an earth shattering change , but kinda is when you can just relax more knowing its the motion of the ball that's mostly tracked

Titanz2809d ago

You're acting like pointing at the screen is some type of trivial task...

FYI, you also need to point at the screen with the Move the device if you're playing a shooter.

Sure, you can use the Move device without having to focus on the screen, but there's also a millisecond or two of lag that comes with that setup.

Move-More accurate.

Wii-mote-The faster motion device.

Redempteur2809d ago

i have motion plus
i have move

Seriously i think move is way more precise. it also has more freedom in the way you want to play.

case in point Killzone 3 beta : Even when the pseye doesn't see my MOVE , i can still , change my aim thanks to the rest of the sensors ..

i also didn't see the level of precision comparable of the table tenis sports champions , when playing on the wii with motion plus.

Sure motion plus gave the needed Z axis to the wiimote and that improved a lot of things ( can't wait for skyward sword ) but move so far is way better based on what i 've played

Arksine2809d ago

Titanz, that is incorrect. There will be a 22 millisecond wireless delay on both Move and Wiimote. You can due accurate blob detection on a 640x480 frame in that time, so there is no added delay due to the camera.

Baka-akaB2809d ago

"FYI, you also need to point at the screen with the Move the device if you're playing a shooter."

Except you dont . like said above it shows in stuff like the KZ3 demo . You can relax every once in a while .
What's tracked is the ball , so you can often hold it more relaxed .

"You're acting like pointing at the screen is some type of trivial task..."

maybe it's my english (not a native) , but i dont even get what you mean .

Pointing it constantly it tiresome at some point . i should know , i even used the wiimote as a mouse on the pc .

"Wii-mote-The faster motion device. "

i'm nitpicking but according to who and what ?

Christopher2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

@Titanz: That's the problem, that's not controller lag, that's camera display lag they were measuring. What I mean is that the majority of the measured lag was in the camera capturing and displaying the result in real time as well as performing the other calculations for detecting the motion controller and body of the user.

From the article being referenced: "So, to put it plainly, based on frame-counting of the motions shown in the video, and others, the measure of 133ms overall is an indication of the gameplay experience as the camera captured it. So, this includes controller and camera input, processing, display of the completed frame plus the additional latency from the LCD (probably in the region of one to two frames on a set like this). "

I will admit that the latency for both is approximate, but the Wii still suffers greatly from precision. Both, depending on the method implemented, can show signs of high latency that makes it noticeable, similar to Kinect latency.

I'd also have to note that you're talking about motion controls on a 480 resolution tracking level versus one that goes up to 1080 with a the highest level of precision currently on the market.

Baka-akaB2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

1. Like said above , and for various reasons that's not even a proper measurement .

2. Seriously content from yahoo ?

I'm more than willing to admit if one lag behind the other ... i just want proper and accurate data supporting one or the other then .

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Killzone3___2809d ago

it's alright if he did that but what's the use ? .. pc have a mouse and there is a problem , pc don't have altos of good games that i like , only few games ....

Baka-akaB2809d ago

er isnt the whole idea behind pc usually to be compatible with everything and the most options ?

What's the use ? Well it's yet another option .

Killzone3___2809d ago

yea , you are right but i want games for the ps move , i wish if killzone 3 is in the pc , it would be amazing !!! ps move + killzone 3 + pc graphics = one of the best games ever >.< ...

Ravenor2809d ago

The applications for the Move on the PC is far more then just games.

The PC only really misses out on console exclusives, 95% of games are also on the PC. Very inspired name btw.

Killzone3___2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

i want games like uncharted 3 - killzone 3-god of war - heavy rain - final fantasy versus on the pc not normal games ... so i don't care about the other games ...

Ravenor2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

Cool beans bro, I've got a PS3 for those games. I enjoy everything else in true HD with far over 30fps, win win.

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