MyGames - Interview Simon Barlow on MotorStorm: Apocalypse

"During PlayStation Experience Event on London, MyGames interviewed Simon Barlow on MotorStorm: Apocalypse" - MyGames

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CaptainGreece2811d ago

I love watching MSA gameplay going to make it a priority to buy this game.

bluwulf2811d ago

A Motorstorm movie would be amazing. Not sure why no one has done this concept yet, but it would be great. Something as straight forward as like Transporter or something would do for a nice summer blockbuster.

CaptainGreece2811d ago

Wow that is crazy i thought of that too :)

remanutd552811d ago

man i cant wait !!! if i import the game from europe would i be able to play it online when the us servers go live ? LUNATICS UNITE!!!!

49erguy2811d ago

I wanted to do that too, but I heard that US DLC won't work on a EU game. Since Motorstorm will be releasing free DLC tracks, I'll just wait for the US one...........although I wanted that EU coverart.