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With the release of Battlefield 3 set for this fall I figured it would be a good time to brush up on the history of the “Battlefield” series and see just how far it has come.

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Kon2808d ago

Good read. Battlefield Series are on of the best FPS out there.

bluwulf2808d ago

Desert Combat wasn't even mentioned.

Game journalists = garbage.

GamerSciz2808d ago

Desert Combat was a mod. DICE later bought the company that created it and helped use it to create BF2. It wasn't an official full game, expansion pack, or booster pack released by DICE themselves, hence why it wasn't mentioned.

2fk2808d ago

the Battlefield and bad company fan base is growing and growing and it will destroy the COD series

femshep2808d ago

Scratch that it did destroy COD

2fk2808d ago

yea of course in quality but im hoping that The battlefield and bad company will destroy COD in sales they well deserve it....just look at the Vietnam add on thats like a completely new game and its price at $15 then you look at COD add on's $15 for 5 maps...Activision loves many way to much

VenomProject2808d ago

History of the Battlefield series? I can give it to you in ONE sentence.

"In the beginning, there was only Battlefield."


Hufandpuf2808d ago

This should be a history lesson taught in every school.