Cheap Games: Threat to the Industry or Next Evolution?

Whether major game developers like it or not, indie games are more prevalent now than ever. A section of the industry that used to have an exclusively underground following has been cast into the forefront thanks to the increasing attention being paid to mobile games on platforms like iOS and Android. Even Xbox Live Marketplace has given independent developers their own section of their virtual store. This new market has not only brought new developing talents into the spotlight, but has encouraged major developers to step up the quality and value of their products just to compete.

In a recent statement, Reggie Fils-Aime of Nintendo claimed these independent titles may actually be the death of the video game industry as we know it, making the high-selling and critically acclaimed Angry Birds the poster child for his argument.

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DFresh2809d ago


It's just a different market.

Just like there are different varieties of games there's also different types of gaming to go along with that variety.

-Console Gaming [PS3/Xbox 360/Wii]

-Mobile Gaming (iPhone/Android)

-Computer Gaming (PC/Mac)

-Portable Gaming [PSP/DS/3DS/PSP2(NGP)]

-Digital Downloads [PSN/XBL/Steam/Wii Network]

MaroonersRock2809d ago

I agree. I think having variety is important, especially when there are so many different kinds of gamers. To cater to one demographic would be foolish, so I think companies are realizing that if they make cheaper, more accessible games their audience will grow which in turn means more profit.

DFresh2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

I agree.

Variety and innovation is important to the growth of any business or company.

Also it's good for gamers (consumers) to try out new things whenever they can.

Forgot to mention motion controller gaming too.
-Motion Controller Gaming
(PS Move/Kinect/Wii Remote & Nunchuck)

-Free 2 Play Gaming. (Face Book and other web browser based games.)


thebudgetgamer2809d ago

i love a cheap game as much as the next probably more, but it's games like mgs, battlefield and gears that really interest me.

BShea2809d ago

I agree entirely. I loved Angry Birds, downloaded all of the different versions and played them to death, but I'm done with them after a few months and will only go back to them while in waiting rooms or in a car ride. Unlike games like Borderlands and RDR, where I constantly go back to them, even after beating them.

Tenkin2809d ago

Calling it the 'next evolution' makes it a threat to the major game devs

BShea2809d ago

Or will the ones not a part of that evolution (i.e. major game studios) just have to adapt to the new conditions to keep successful as outlined in the article?

Tenkin2809d ago

It's a threat to larger studio's unwilling to evolve such as naughty dog one of the larger game studios or studios owned by Nintendo

strickers2809d ago

It is not workable for the industry as a whole but I think a varied price scheme based on costs is a good idea.
Something like the NGP or 3DS,Wii,PS3 or 360 should have a couple of quid Angry Birds,up to a £40 Mass Effect.

crunchychocobo2809d ago

Wow, thanks for scraping an article published a few hours earlier from a different site.

killyourfm2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

Hey Kari, I can confirm that the author has been drafting this article for several days, and we've been brainstorming it well beyond that timeframe. Take one look at and you'd realize we're not "scrapers." Also, as GamesAreEvil's former founder and editor, I can personally assure you this is not the case. Quite frankly we're a bit too swamped :-)

If this is a legitimate concern that you'd prefer to address privately instead of airing publicly, by all means feel free to PM me.

joeyda2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

Two editorials with the same argument and flow published within hours of one another? Doubtful.

EDIT: AND! Your connection to GamesAreEvil only further solidifies the likelihood that this story is plagiarism. Think about it, GrE is a small site (no offense, guys!), you knowing it well only firms up the possibility that you're stealing content from it.

roblef2809d ago

As GrE's other founder and current Executive Editor, I have to say that regardless of the incredible coincidence of these two articles, the documentation behind them looks to show that they both were written at similar times and independently.

That's bound to happen when two sites come at the same topical area as we both do, and when they both have such talented writers as Mr Shea and Mr. DeWoody.

I suggest we all let this go, and try to all be friends. Because honestly, do we NEED more bad blood or flame wars on N4G?

MattG-PTB2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

GrE has a better take on this topic, I think.

killyourfm2809d ago

I'm not here to judge which article is better, I'm here to defend my staff.

BShea2809d ago

Definitely not "scraped" As KillYourFM pointed out, I've been writing the article since the day that I saw the news from Reggie. He actually proofread it yesterday and we held off on publishing it until today due to an abundance of content yesterday.

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