The Top Ten Video Game Disappointments of 2010

These aren't the worst games of 2010, but the ones that let gamers down the most. Check out the most disappointing games of 2010.

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BK-2013880d ago

GT5 didn't disappoint its fans like 13 did.

Istanbull3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

@Sasuke: Gran Turismo 5 is the best race game at the moment. I will enjoy it for years to come.

To me, the biggest dissappointment is FABLE 3, my god is this game horrible! Ive played Folklore afterwards and I was amazed how a 2007 game has better graphics than a 2010 game! Watch Angry Joe's 32 reasons why Fable 3 sux.

Btw, who put up that old Final Fantasy picture? As I recall it is either FFX-2 or FF12.

Akuma213880d ago

Umm where's blk ops???

Octo13880d ago

Fable 3? I keep hearing that that disappointed a lot of its fans.

GunofthePatriots3880d ago

FF13 was solid. People need to hop off the hate train.

NBT913880d ago

I thought so too, although it was may first FF Game but I still did enjoy it as such.

JoySticksFTW3880d ago

FF fans are used to greatness out of their games; not just a solid experience

FF expectations were up there with the MGS series. You knew every release was going to be incredible.

Now it's "I hope this game is good" instead of "I can't wait for this f'n game! It's gonna be insane!!"

BlackBusterCritic3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

FF13 was solid? Yes, I do believe that shit can petrify and become solid.
FF13 was missing a fundamental element from most RPGs, let alone FF games, and that was....FREEDOM.

And that picture is of ASHE from the BETTER FF game, FF12. You know...that FF game that didn't hold your hand like a noob, allowed you to level as you pleased, offered great character customization with License boards, had amazing exploration, and etc!

GunofthePatriots3880d ago

Hard to be "free" when you're hated by the people....oh and a fugitive.

sich923880d ago

i was gonna insult you,but then i read u liked ff12 so i didnt xD

Arnagrim3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

The problem isn't that it was a bad game, the problem is that it wasn't at the same level of quality that most Final Fantasy games are expected to reach.
Eternal Sonata and Resonance of Fate are good games and are quality RPGs. But they don't have a legacy of quality from previous titles they're expected to achieve like Final Fantasy, MegaTen or Dragon Quest games.
It wouldn't be getting the amount of hate it's getting if it didn't have the Final Fantasy name attached to it.

Disregard this, Joysticks said the same thing in less words.

NBT913880d ago

Would just like to point out that picture is from FF 12, not 13.

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The story is too old to be commented.