Five Reasons "Halo: Reach" Was Not a Disappointment

So one viewpoint has been expressed via an article saying that "Halo: Reach" was a disappointment. Really, that piece only tapped one side of the story and while some people disagreed with the author, some will disagree with me as well. Yes, that is right kids. It's time for counterpoint. But, let's face it. The people who hate Reach will always be louder than the people who like it. That is the way the current generation is.

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ComboBreaker2805d ago

But like he said, some people will disagreed with him.

lochdoun2804d ago Show
SixZeroFour2804d ago

a lot of ppl said/thought it was, but that doesnt effect the way i personally feel about the game, so i dont mind them...everyone is entitled to an opinion

TheColbertinator2804d ago

I thought Halo Reach was great.4 player online co-op,Firefight split screen and matchmaking,tons of maps,Forge,and tons of online competitive mods.

I didn't like the campaign but overall Halo Reach rocked.