This Is Not A PlayStation 3 Ad, But It Should Be


You are looking at the first thing that 29-year-old Ben McCambridge claims to have ever directed. Not bad for a first-timer, because this is awesome.

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Ven10002806d ago

This commercial seems like the PS3 commercials of old like creepy babies, ect. This shows off nothing for the PS3. Now if he had phased in Move controllers for some of the scenes (like the kid with the Sword) and made it into a sword again then that'd be something. Or when the girl jumped over the laser beam to sneak out, at the top or bottom of the screen he should have had a few button commands pop up. Something to tie it into the PS3, not just one turning on at the end.

SuperStrokey11232806d ago

I agree... they should try to appeal to the older crowd, not teh sub 10 year olds.

i suspect a great deal of the imagry would piss off parents like the kids playing way with teh explosions.

Godmars2902806d ago

Yeah, with a bit of proper suggestive editing it could be a PS3 commercial, but as is it could be for the 360, Wii or DS.

Okay, maybe not the Wii or DS...

Pixel_Enemy2806d ago

yeah I like the Kevin Butler commercials because he is not only funny but he informs you of different aspects of what the Playstation can do.

RankFTW2806d ago

This advert is aimed at children when the average gamers is aged 25/26 and not to mention it probably brakes a bunch of rules concerning violence and what not.

OGharryjoysticks2806d ago

the beep was the eject button. Not turning on

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Christopher2806d ago

Didn't care for it. And, I know parents would really hate it with the concept of kids fighting and somehow glorifying that in any way, shape, or form.

Burning_Finger2806d ago

No. If you take out the "kids" on the Video title that makes Playstation 360.

2fk2806d ago

that was kind of cool but yea it promotes violence to kids blah blah blah

OhReginald2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Oh i see, its something kotaku wants so it can ridicule Sony's marketing again.

honestly that advertisement was crap. It has nothing to do with playstation and promotes school bullying.

Zinc2806d ago

Actually, it promoted standing up for yourself... I don't know where you got the promoting of bullying part.

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The story is too old to be commented.