It’s Not So Bad: 10 Things Parents Should Know About Games

Botchweed: "Iowa State University recently released a study that said that children who spend an average of 31 hours per week playing video games are at risk."

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LycanSoldier2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

The only thing parents need to know is the damn age ratings. I don't want anyones child screaming down the headset in a M Rated game.

All it leads to is the whole lobby being annoyed at said child and crazy stories about how games (these kids shouldn't even have) will make them serial rapists.

cr1361242831d ago

Well said! Have a bubble.

TheStee2831d ago

one thing I never really knew about is that in the US it's not as harshly punished to sell these games to kids.

I like in the UK and you can get totally destroyed for it. Like criminal record, jail time and up to 5k fines. It totally doesnt stop parents buying them for them, but it takes a lot of the blame of publishers and stuff if the adult has to supply it.