‘NASCAR The Game 2011′ Team Creation Detailed in Latest Developer Diary

Let’s be honest: deep down, maybe way deep down, everyone has an urge to become a NASCAR star. Whether it’s Talladega Nights or Days of Thunder, the fact that people who only know how to drive a car fast and without fear can become celebrities overnight demands a certain kind of envy. For those of you who aren’t exactly the white-knuckled driving type, then NASCAR The Game 2011 is set to give you the same experience from the comfort of your living room . The latest trailer for Activision‘s upcoming racer shows that you won’t just get the chance to step behind the wheel, but behind the scenes as well, creating and managing your own racing team though an entire Sprint Cup season.

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Don't get me wrong, I do love stock car races, but Nascar's Sprint Cup is the worst example of it.

I'm not saying it's easy or not high tech/high speed enough, I even get that it's really hard to compete there running around at over 190mph in the middle of the pack for a very long race with a car that don't handle or is light as an open wheeler making it that much more hard to control, but the oval/speedway stuff is absolutelly boring.

I'm not saying it's going to be bad racing game, but just like me, most people who actually like racing don't enjoy NASCAR that much, adding some road courses wouldn't hurt it.

apocalypse732807d ago

i love nascar,and day 1 for me.

DeadlyFire2807d ago

I like this game's premise and Nascar, but I am skeptical that they won't some more of the game. Its all talking in their videos and no content. Its not a very good way to promote the game. Nascar 2012 we should see double the effort if they can hold onto the license.