PS3 Poll Police: How did you feel about TGS '07?

The Poll Police have pulled out of their duties in Tokyo, as the Tokyo Game Show winds down. We believe it was T.S. Eliot who once said "This is the way Tokyo Game Show ends; not with a bang, but a whimper." Well, if Eliot were a gamer, we're sure that'd be true. Anyhow, we've got our opinions about the show for this year, but we're curious about what you thought. So, our poll for this week is quite simple: what impression did you take away from TGS?

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DiLeCtioN4140d ago

nothing much really bit disappointing

Bloodshedder4140d ago

wheres killzone 2 or why didnt it appear or what, what am i missing

crippler6664140d ago

Whilst I feel it was a lack luster Game Show, I do feel a little game called Halo 3 had something to do with it.

Right now most 360 owners are a buzz with its release (can't help but feel that Microsoft kinda planned it to tie in with the Halo 3 release), any announcement right now would have been down played in comparison.

Yes an announcement of FFVII or MGS4 being released in time for Christmas may have taken some of the buzz off Microsoft, but I do feel neither of those things will be happening anytime soon.

IMO Sony will announce the new SKU in November, around the UT3 release. This could cause something of a stir, maybe not to the level of Halo 3, but maybe it could give Sony the push in needs for the holiday season.

Deity014140d ago

didn't get many of the games I was dreaming they would show, hell, didn't get much of anything, what a lame event.

Drano4140d ago

At least we've had the chance to drool on some (so freaking) sweet MGS4 content!

But apart from that, that was pretty lame. Halo's publicity easily buried everything TGS had to show. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll just make the final preparations of my full riot gear, painkillers, smoke bombs, taser and face the Halo3 release.

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The story is too old to be commented.