Influence next Fable in Lionhead survey

You can influence future Fable projects at Lionhead by filling out a survey.

The developer wants to know which of the series features you like most. To measure that, Lionhead has set down 13 pivotal parts of a Fable experience and asked you to rate them from one - least important, to 13 - most important.

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Darkfiber2809d ago

I thought they weren't making any more Fable games?

The Meerkat2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

We can only hope.

Molyneux can deliver some great games but Fable is stale now.

AAACE52809d ago

When Fable first came out, I was hoping it would be MS' version of Zelda! But with each release, it seemed like they put more pointless shit in the game that I didn't want to be bothered with!

My advice... Simplify it! Just give me good gameplay, good story and get rid of all the pointless stuff. The dog is cool, kinda like having a fairy in Zelda. But I don't want to deal with starting a family and such. I have already done that.

Games are my escape to an imaginative world. I'm not the type of person who takes their work home where I am suppose to relax, so why would I want real life problems in the place I relax?

Yi-Long2809d ago

... the criticism the Fable series is getting is that it's too easy, and that the fighting and RPG stuff is wayyy too limited and boring.

I wish they'd adress that, along with a longer story. This series has so much potential, but it never really quite achieves it...


Istanbull2809d ago

Is "Cancel" an option? Because Fable 2 was bad, but Fable 3 was beyond bad.

Watch the video of Angry Joe and why Fable 3 sucks, 32 reasons!

evrfighter2809d ago

Jesus can we get another black and white now. The fable franchise is dead on 360.

The Meerkat2809d ago

An FPS version of Syndicate would work well with 360 owners.

wallis2809d ago

How about the assholes at lionhead give PC gamers fable II and III so we can help them out with their little survey?

They get my money with the black and white series and what do they use it for? Console exclusives. Thanks guys.

Zinc2809d ago

I couldn't have said it any better... I'm unclear as to why they even locked in with Microsoft and console only to top it off. Seems like they wasted a lot of time and potential.

NYC_Gamer2809d ago

Molyneux,would just complain about how this one failed to meet his expectation all over again.

bobrea2809d ago

Why are they still making fable games :/. Make a new ip, fable has run its course

Godmars2902809d ago

Simple answer: did they sell well? Did you buy it?

Also, isn't Molyneux the head of development at MS?

bobrea2809d ago

I actually have no idea how they sold. I bought Fable 1 nd 2 used and didn't bother with 3. The games aren't that great and I'm not sure that they're HUGE sellers to begin with, but I could be wrong. Too lazy/don't care enough to look it up

sp1deynut2809d ago

Black and White for Kinect.

Kon2809d ago

That would be win win

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The story is too old to be commented.