Ryota Niitsuma Answers Our Questions On Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate Of Two Worlds

EU PSBlog: We asked Capcom for some answers. In reaction we did not only get some insights from game producer Ryota Niitsuma himself.

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FACTUAL evidence2809d ago

I don't even see how they fell from 56 characters, to around 36-40......WITh NO MEGAMAN! My main gripe is no strider....I can't take this game seriously..I'm gunna get it day one though because of friends.

AssassinHD2809d ago

You really don't see it? It is painfully obvious to me.

1) Drop the roster down to ~40 characters instead of 56

2) Release the rest of the characters as paid DLC

3) Profit

Baka-akaB2808d ago

Even if greed wasnt involved (wich obviously is) , mvc2's 56 characters cast was composed of clones , sprites from other games and only 9 new characters done for the game .

At least regardless of how we might feel about each of the 40 mvc3 characters , they arent clone and very distinct from each other .

I'd say it's not even a stretch to say we actually gained more characters , instead of a dozen of clones with different skins .

Redempteur2808d ago

Who cares about megaman , we have zerO !!

IMo he is superior .( my opinion of course )