New Crysis 2 Screenshots Reveal Nanosuit Multiplayer Upgrade System

The release date for Crysis 2 is fast approaching, and following the launch of a demo version Electronic Arts and developer Crytek has revealed the first details regarding the upgrades and customisation features set to be available in the final game. Currently in development for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, all three versions of the game will be available simultaneously.

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outwar60102807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

the colossal failure that was the multiplayer demo has put me off the franchise (i got into 3 games out of 64 attempts)

Mista T2807d ago

that's the console version for ya

outwar60102807d ago

its probably because the devs are inexperienced console devs

Ninjamonkey822807d ago

Still annoyed at the fact they don't show it for any other system all these screenshots etc, Why it worrys me well just have a go on Black ops.

All it takes in todays market is a few million thrown here and there and they would screw there own granny over. I own all next gen consoles and a high end gaming pc, I want crysis on my pc.

But like most people here i also want the best gaming experence on my console aswell i play both consoles with my brother over the net and atm, I havent got a clue what system i have to buy the game for. They havent made it clear in anyway for the consumer.

Kinda pisses me off.

Josef2807d ago

What is this going to be CoD perks now?

IHateYouFanboys2807d ago

take a look at the Nanosuit Multiplayer Upgrade system video on IGN:

graphics look absolutely unbelievable, a huge step up from the demo. easily the best looking console game to date.

and for those wondering - all that footage is from the 360 version.