PSP hacker Dark_AleX reveals he is Team M33

Big surprise revealed tonight on maxconsole. Team M33, the supposed russian hackers took over after Dark_AleX retired from the PSP custom firmware coding scene. Dark_AleX has now revealed that he IS Team M33 and has also released a new version of his popular custom firmware M33 version 3.71 over on the maxconsole boards.

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Bigmac5734042d ago

This guy made it such a community-friendly product by allowing users to create their own apps and programs for it. Truly one of the best minds in gaming of this generation.

gta_cb4042d ago

agreed, the thing is why has he revealed himself? :S

N73604042d ago

The biggest cover up in psp history. I thought something was odd about M33 being so good at coding. Now we know why

LeShin4042d ago

errr...didn't Dark_Alex get scared when Sony said something to him which made him "retire" and now he's admitting he's back? Seems pretty stupid to me, I'd stay anonymous. What's to stop Sony to really go after him as his real name and residence is already available on the internet.

Dudeson424042d ago

I think that Dark_AleX has alot to do with more people purchasing the PSP than in the past. The programs and reversals he's been able to pull with the firmware have made me break down and buy one. And I know I'm not alone.

Go after him? No, no, Sony should put him on the f*cking payroll.

Jrome4042d ago

Big guys actually thought after that much work he would just get up and go. :D

GoLeafsGo4042d ago

What he's done for the PSP community is simply amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.