Eerie new F.E.A.R screenies

Take a look at these stunning new F.E.A.R screenshots. This game seems to be getting better and better.

Take a look at the shots by clicking the link below...

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Ken Kutaragi5377d ago (Edited 5377d ago )

running on a PC or 360.

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zypher5377d ago

these screens aren't horrible, but they aren't great either. Resistance looks noticably better.

LAWMAN5377d ago

the screens from Resident Evil 4 (on both Game Cube and PS2) look noticably better than this trash on either the 360 or PS3.

Asuka5377d ago

RES4 has like the best graphics i've seen in awhile.

Got to give FEAR some credit, it is a port from the PC version after all.

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