The Age Screen Play: Worst Endings Ever

If you're going to be one of the eager punters lining up at midnight for a copy of Halo 3, no doubt you'll be praying that the conclusion of Master Chief's sci-fi trilogy is a lot more satisfying than the second game.

But as much as Halo 2 was derided for its weak ending, is it really the gaming world's worst ending ever?

Screen Play is keen to hear your nominations for the worst game endings ever, and Screen Play has included a few nominations below to get you started.

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tonsoffun4046d ago

I agree totally - I thought blogs were really not a suitable source for info - this is a persons opinion, so I thought it should belong to the forums.

Oh and why the pic too?

jackdoe4046d ago

Stupid article. I thought Ico had a brilliant ending, and MGS2 didn't have a crappy ending, just a convoluted storyline. Half-Life 2 deseves a spot on their list though. I remember playing through the game, about to beat it, and then the G-Man just freezes time and sees its over.

Jandre024046d ago

I dont think Halo-2's ending is that bad, however Halo-3's ending is horrible.

synetic4046d ago

agree finished the single player with a friend ( using a pirated copy) and i didnt liked the end .. but who cares halo is good for is multiplayer not singleplayer

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