PC World's First Look: Halo 3 is Here

Matt Peckham of PC World reports: "After all these years and a massive console upgrade, Bungie and Microsoft's epic first-person shooter is still Halo. That's mostly a good thing."

The Final Verdict: "It feels shorter than Halo 2, though it's also much harder setting for setting difficulty-wise. It's not the best looking Xbox 360 game (Gears of War has its number, there), and it certainly doesn't have the best story (BioShock), but Halo's (and Bungie's) skills lie in synthesizing all of the above to produce games with maximum appeal and minimal compromise. Halo 3 probably isn't the best Xbox 360 game you'll play this year, but with its endlessly inventive online options, it's close."

PCW Rating: 85 (out of 100)

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IQUITN4G4043d ago

PC gamers are up their own arse when it comes to how much better they think FPS is on PC.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4042d ago

its a fact compared to PC FPS Halo single player is lame and halo MP is even more lame.

Rooted_Dust4042d ago

PC World is not a PC gaming publication. It is a technical magazine that covers all technology, Personal computers leading among them. Try not to get crazy over every review. You're still going to buy it and play it so in the end make up your own mind and stop worrying what everybody else thinks.