EA - Unreal Engine 3 deal already bears fruit

Last week, Electronic Arts signed up Epic's marvellous next-generation Unreal Engine 3 which it vowed to use in its next generation of action games - and if latest reports are to be believed, two major EA titles have already made the switch to using Epic's technology.

Ubiquitous analyst PJ McNealy of American Technology Research told CNN Money that Medal of Honor Airborne, had already swapped over to Unreal Engine 3, perhaps explaining Airborne's recent delay until 2007, as the EA internal teams get their teeth into using Epic's tech.

More intriguingly, McNealy also named another unannounced title - known as Dead Space - as making the move to UE3. Dead Space is apparently a first-person shooter, although little to nothing else is apparently known about the game.

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Ken Kutaragi5383d ago

Wow that look really...real. We gotta use that for our POS3, hope the hardware is powerful enough... yes fanboys i am joking. No need to get your youknowwhat in a knot.

DG5383d ago

Have any games using the engine even release yet. Screens are great but whats the hype. Give it to me now!