Halo 3: WorthPlaying Review & Score

WorthPlaying concludes: "Halo 3, in short, deserves the amount of press and exposure it's getting. It's the product of a team that's on the top of its game and has been given the time they needed to make the game they wanted to make. If you've ever enjoyed an FPS, this is something you'll probably want to check out."

Score: 9.6/10 (Editor's Choice)

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fjtorres4140d ago (Edited 4140d ago )

"Ninja Tag..."
"Rocket Baseball..."
"Crouching Tiger..."

Single player movies.
Multi-player movies.
4 player coop...
Infinite variations.

Yup, player-created content is going to matter this generation. And with three million player/developers cranking out Halo3 game-modes people are still going to be playing the darn thing when the PS2 lifecycle ends in 2020. ;-)

Thirty hours and counting. I wonder if the Aussies apreciate how lucky they are...