Halo: Reach Video Gameplay of Defiant Map Pack DLC

Well is practically confirmed the new Halo Reach Defiant Map Pack, here you can see the video gameplay that supports my motion.


Dowload links of the videos are up in the website

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xVeZx2810d ago

people bought the first map pack?

MisfitSmurf2810d ago

i did. and never played a single one. -.-

sp1deynut2810d ago

With Forge 2.0 being so popular, there are literally hundreds of amazing maps to choose from...and more surely to come. Why the hell would ANYONE waste $$ on a map pack, when they have a near-limitless supply of FREE maps coming all the time??

If MM released level packs for LBP, would anyone buy them? Sure, a few diehard fans would, just to show their (foolish) support for a dev....but not many would bother.

Nolando2810d ago

LBP and halo are a bit different, Yes there is unlimited user content with forge you can say. But nothing beats having genuine maps created by bungie for halo. You dont get the space environment you got on Anchor 9 with forge, you dont get the awesomely crafted invasion experiences in maps like boneyard or breakpoint. users maps are awesome, but they just arent as finely crafted as brand new bungie maps. (at least not all of them)

MisfitSmurf2810d ago

MM has released maps for LBP. and theyre worth the money.

Myst2810d ago

I don't see why you got a disagreement Misfit. As you said MM did release "Level packs" but in the essence of doing so they also released new equipment in them. Paintinator being one of them. So yes I'd agree that it was well worth it especially if you are a level designer.

Malebaria2810d ago

I'd love a couple more Invasion maps.

Nolando2810d ago

Yeah at least one more, Breakpoint invasion was amazing though they did such a good job with that. Im looking forward to a new forge/invasion map, and maybe 1 or 2 small or medium skirmish maps like anchor 9.

RyuDrinksTheDew2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

wow, i actually got to see these!

i figured they would have been taken down.

the map in the second video looks awesome!

Convas2810d ago

We need some new Firefight maps, hopefully this map pack will have 1 or 2 new ones.

lastdual2810d ago

2nd video seems to show a firefight map :)