Halo 3: reviews single-player campaign

"Everything about Halo 3 improves on Halo 2. How could it not? ... thanks to the wonders of current gen technology, many of the things Bungie always wanted in the game are now included. That means you'll have slightly better looking weapons–both updates and some new ones–more detailed maps, and more realistic character movements," reports.

"The graphics are – as expected – vastly improved from the multi-player beta I played back in May... The narrative and the action are woven together perfectly... The gameplay is generally what we've come to expect from Halo over the years. It's fast-paced run-and-gun action, with the occasional moment to get shields back..."

"Some of the truly epic moments in the game are so breath-taking that you'll certainly want to play them over and over again... The vehicles set up quite a few of those 'wow' moments, which was quite a pleasant surprise..."

"The enemy A.I. is unrelenting, particularly The Flood... Meanwhile, the friendly A.I. is vast improved as well... The levels are varied and the landscapes are interesting... Sound is just another area where Bungie was able to improve on what seemed to be near-perfection."

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and got what it deserved in the end.