Jill and Shuma-Gorath's Music Themes Revealed?

DamnLag - "Apparently some people who have been fiddling around with the leaked version of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 are saying that they found music themes for DLC characters Jill and Shuma-Gorath on the game’s disc. Hrm… this may or may not be true, but really, either way, they definitely sound nice."

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boogeyman9992833d ago

MVC news is kind of getting crazy. CANT WAIT

GamingGuru2833d ago

Kind of getting sick of the news to be honest, just waiting for it to come out.

SupahJ2833d ago

Shuma's theme is quite catchy. I almost want to play as him just for the theme... though I guess I'd have to play AGAINST him to hear it, really.

giantchicken2833d ago

I hope they sell the soundtrack separate. Don't want to have to rip.

RockmanII72833d ago

anyone else think Shuma's theme and MODOK's theme are similar?

AGamerOfConsoles2833d ago

I actually like Jill's better. BTW just so everyone knows no other characters besides these two are on disc so any others being added are DLC only to begin with.

Except for the rumour Frank and Elektra were cut as pointed out by Rockman.

Fingers crossed they don't release exclusive characters on the inevitable GOTY edition.