The PS3 has Style

Sony has released some new pictures of it's Sony PS3, and there are some major differences in appearance. The 60GB console seems the be shinier and has a silver strip throughout. The 20GB model is a plain black, and also seems to be less-shiny.

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Ken Kutaragi5378d ago

Thats not style. Thats just a photoshop mock up of what the real console will look like. It wont be 'shiny' or anything like that. Dull and Dark rough tones are what we are aiming for.

Shake5378d ago

Ps3 rulez!!Xbox 360 rulez!!!

Ken Kutaragi5378d ago

Well, you see 'shake' there cant be two number 1s cause that makes 11!!!one!!!one!

achira5378d ago

ken its his opinion. everyone has his no 1. lol

xboxlj5378d ago

At least your half right. The 360 does rule

Sphinx5378d ago

The shinier the better... I guess. I have to admit the silver strip is sorta cool though.

achira5378d ago

i love the design !!! cant wait to put it near by my huuuge tv.

Monchichi0255378d ago

It's a special Edition Goerge Foreman Grill!

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The story is too old to be commented.