New Killzone 3 Multiplayer Map 'Pyrrhus Crater' In Action


MP02 is situated in the middle of Helghan’s ruined capitol, right next to the enormous crater left by the nuclear explosion from Killzone 2. The whole area is cast in the eerie glow of irradiated Petrusite tendrils extending from the crater. The ISA have established research stations to analyze this new form of Petrusite, but the Helghast have already begun to harvest it for weaponization.

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-Alpha2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Very impressed with beta minus a few issues. It's grown on me a lot and I will definitely have to pick it up.

Interestingly I've been hearing a lot of new Killzone players on the mic enjoying it too, though some have proven to be total idiots. Hopefully they adapt to the idea of playing for the team

They need to fix the saboteur IMO. He is the equivalent of COD's "Lightweight, Marathon, Commando" class.

Also, the Engineer should be the only class with LMGs IMO. Either that or beef up their turrets because they are quite weak

Dante1122811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Nice, that map looks HUGE and same here about the mic players. Hopefully my tax money comes through soon, game looks pretty fun.

TheLastGuardian2811d ago

I'm already addicted to the beta. I can't wait to play this multiplayer on all the KZ3 maps + the 2 retro maps. It's going to be so much fun. My anticipation is off the charts after playing the beta. Killzone 3 graphics are amazing and this map looks awesome. I'm loving how much more colorful KZ3 is than Killzone 2.

Pixelated_Army2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Holy sh*t GG maps are second to none!

Day 1

edwineverready2811d ago

Agree on the saboteur class. i have been complaining about it since the KZ2 beta. It just makes me shoot my team mates. wich sucks

Hoje03082811d ago

I haven't learned to spot the difference on them yet. In KZ2 it was very obvious, as their lights didn't work. Don't know if it's the same in KZ3. Anybody here know how the spot them?

edwineverready2811d ago

I heard they show up as red dots on the radar.

claney2811d ago

They don't show up as dots, as were your team mates show as green dots, and if they are running out of the enemy spawn there is a fair chance they are not on your team.

nnotdead2811d ago

i don't mind them. put a few bullets into a teammate randomly running the wrong way isn't that big of a deal, and nothing beats stabbing one of these guys in the face. they're running around thinking they are sneaky and bam knife in the face. thats right i saw you coming.

captain-obvious2811d ago

when you are close to anyone that you think that he is a saboteur or infiltrator in KZ3
just aim at him when you are close to him
and you see if he is or not

vickers5002810d ago

"put a few bullets into a teammate randomly running the wrong way isn't that big of a deal"

Yeah, it kind of is seeing how you don't start off with very much ammo. I can only see that being practical if you always choose the "extra ammo" perk.

nnotdead2809d ago


not only can you choose the extra ammo, but if your engineers are playing right the should have the supply boxes rebuilt for your team.

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Dart892811d ago

* though some have proven to be total idiots. Hopefully they adapt to the idea of playing for the team.

I know what you mean i got on earlier and i was thrown into a match where both teams didn't know what to do i was like wtf.Why aren't you guys doing anythig one guy says we don't know what to do.So i told my whole team to follow me and after that it turned to the best match iv'e ever had I went 21-31.But ended up in 2nd place cuz of all my score and stuff.

-Alpha2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

I've had people go "OH! What's that!" when I use the mortar strike. I'm like "Go away! This is my secret alone!" :P

I'm very secretive about the mortar strike.

Everybody is a noob at some point but I was referring to the ones who wouldn't even contribute to the team. Perhaps they were just getting used to it, but sometimes I feel they purposely ignore the objective. For example, assassination targets BLATANTLY refuse to hide or continue to run around.

nnotdead2811d ago

that was me the first time i saw the mortar strike. i didn't know what was going on, but i knew someone was going to pay.

i miss my blood packs though. i always enjoyed being a medic and reviving people, but also going to important points and throwing out blood packs while also shooting and taking the objectives. it was always the most intense classes to play.

now i just have a damn robot. though it is fun coming back to life and surprising a few people.

frostyhat1232811d ago

Agree with all of that! I can't wait this video makes me want it more!

lil Titan2811d ago

To whom it may concern,
sincerely the mouth

cryymoar2811d ago

KZ3 beta gives me nothing but network errors. It sucks because its an amazing game! Fun as hell :'/

visualb2810d ago looks great =D so different to the frozen dam =)

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-Alpha2811d ago

I think they need to add two actual new modes. Guerilla Warfare is not new and Operations is nice.

I think they need to do "Warzone 2.0" with new modes or variations of them.

For example, in Assassination, players should be limited to one life as the variant. Or, BOTH teams have an assassination target so the teams have to both defend and be on the offensive.

I'd love to see a 5 on 5 mode with modified maps.

They just need that variety to offer a scope of experiences.

Pillage052811d ago

I don't disagree with you but the big thing about guerilla warfare is the dynamic don't just have a base = no spawn camping. KZ2 did not have this in any form. It may be more friendly to new players but I do believe it will be a welcome addition for those days you just continue to get your ass kicked because your team sucks. Instead of rage quitting, just hope on some team deathmatch and lone wolf it for a while. That's what I think anyways.

DaCajun2811d ago

Awesome idea with both sides having to assassinate someone from the opposite team and defend at the same time and whichever team kills the target first wins the round. I wish they would just highlight the zone in red where the target is until their enemy spots/shoots at them instead of their exact location but they would have to add more time to the clock which in my opinion would be good, I like longer matches. But anyways your I think your idea should be introduced. I hope you mentioned it in the forums, if not you should.

If I remember correctly you can adjust the number of players in the rooms you made in KZ2 where it could be 5 on 5 or any variation up to 16 on 16. Been forever since I've played KZ2 so I could be wrong. But I did notice that we couldn't make our own rooms like in KZ2, I hope that is just because it is a beta and the full version will have it where we can make our own rooms like KZ2. I like how we could restrict weapons in them. I used to always make sure the cheap launchers, sentry bots, and shotguns were restricted in the rooms I made. Used to love the pistol only rooms.

thief2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

"In Assassination, players should be limited to one life as the variant.
BOTH teams have an assassination target so the teams have to both defend and be on the offensive.
I'd love to see a 5 on 5 mode with modified maps."

All three are really, really excellent ideas. I would suggest these to GG on their forums if I were you.

The first especially is interesting, would add a Socom feel to an already excellent mode.

RedPawn2811d ago

That was awesome!


Lawliet2811d ago

Ever see an online so intense? None other than KillZone3! Reviewers who tried to downplay the game didn't even bother to go online experience where it truly matter! They are probably afraid that they just can't give a low score after playing it. Gotta do what they paid for, might of feel guilty.

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