MMGN: Nintendo 3DS Hands-on Preview

MMGN: Games look astounding in 3D mode; it allows you to better perceive the environment and your surroundings. It’s not comparable to 3D films, and provides a completely different experience for a unique purpose. There aren’t random objects protruding from the screen and it’s a different type of 3D, a simpler 3D that knows what it’s trying to achieve. Instead of connecting the audience with the on-screen action, the 3D effects allow the gamer to understand and immerse themselves in the gameplay. In Zelda, for example, Link doesn’t appear to be popping out of the screen. There’s no fear of him rocketing into your forehead as Reggie might have us believe, but that’s not the intention of the 3DS. Instead, it allows Link to be positioned in the world where Nintendo wanted him to be back 1998. Enemies and the path ahead genuinely appear in the distance and allow the environment to be spaced appropriately. For years we’ve been playing games in three dimensions that have been presented through 2D images. That’s where the 3DS revolutionizes gaming. It’s not just a gimmick, it shows a whole new side to graphical performances, and displays games how developers envisioned.

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