Halo 3 Review: "You'll feel two clicks shy of disappointment"

September 23,2007 - Hype, excitement, brand merchandising, and millions of people waiting anxiously for their pre-orders. Countless others hoping the game fails. And through the forum battles of it all, Bungie promising they've made the best game they ever have. This is the Halo 3 phenomenon. And after milking the game for all it's worth, what were we left with? A messy narrative, mixed bag of graphics, mostly superb audio, and fully satisfying multiplayer. After you finally finish the fight, you'll feel two clicks shy of disappointment.

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Wile4042d ago

Nice cherry picking with that title there. *sigh*

therealwillie4042d ago

its a fair review, the reviews so far have negative points to them mainly for the single player but yet they're giving the game reviews well over 9, i think a lot of the reviewers are blinded by a big brand, if it wasnt so well known i doubt the scores would be so high, ill wait untill i play it though

toughNAME4042d ago

I dont think a PS3 game has yet to average 88%

but we'll be hearing about this score (judging from the BFF Lord Anubis and DJ)

btw..i have never heard of gamer 2.0

and for the record theres some spoilers in this review.

LeonSKennedy4Life4042d ago

The PS3 version of Oblivion averaged a 93%.

You wanna try again?

toughNAME4042d ago

i meant non-ported, non-delayed games

and yes i know GRAW 2 got 89% wanna give it another go?

FirstknighT4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

It's near to impossible to average 9 and up. A very rare treat for gamers. The 360 is just gaming heaven with 9 games that averaged 9 and up while the ps3 has only 1 Oblivion (A year old 360 game)

NextGen24Gamer4042d ago

Halo 3 will be game of the year. Halo 3 will average easily in the mid to high 9's when all the reviews are in.

MK_Red4042d ago

While I'm not a big Halo fan, 8.8 is was too low IMO.

"messy narrative"!? The game has great story telling and I hear the final climax is superb. The only problems are a little bit of graphics (Not the limit pushing thing it was on original Xbox) and the singleplayer length (6-8 hours from what5 I hear) but with superb multiplayer and replay feature, both of the are forgiven.

jaja14344042d ago

How did it got from 15 hours to 10 hours and now down to 6-8 hours?

Is this one of the "I caught a fish this big" kind of things, but in reverse?

MK_Red4042d ago

The single player game is 8 hours long max. Even for someone who fini9shed BioShock in 24 hours, Halo 3 was less than 9 hours.

jaja14344042d ago

Really you've played it?
because all of the reviews I have read so far say its between 10-15 hours.

So which is it? Have you actually played it and know or are you for some stupid reason trying to bash a game when in fact you should, as a gamer, want nothing more than for it to be great?

Kind of like how I want to play HS on the PS3 even though I have a 360.

power of Green 4042d ago

Go ahead and post it at least this will keep the Sony fanboys from being as rabid as they would have if it weren't for this review.

This is more than likely emotionally & physiological soothing to the haters although it doesn't mean anything considering their opinion will even be tookin seriouslly goes against ever other reviewer. This is how this site gets hits and draws attention to itself.

FFVIIFan4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

to say this is a Sony site? First off, 8.8 isn't a bad score. The submitter cherry picked one of the very few critisms, but the review itself is very favorable of Halo 3. And if you need any other proof that the site isn't run by a Sony fanboy, you can see they gave Bioshock a 10/10.

Edit: I think the score is little low too based on what other sites are saying, but you don't see me putting the blame on Sony.

power of Green 4042d ago

I'm asking who the fuc is 2.0 and you reply to me by ignoring what i'm asking claiming something you made up to have an excuse to rant with you hate talk... GTFO.

FFVIIFan4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

I have a 360, and I play it daily. Well I did till it broke, but as soon as it gets back I will again. So I'm not a fanboy. I like MS and love Halo. I'm just not willing to give it head like you.

And exactly what did I make up? That they gave Bioshock a 10/10? It has to be that because that is the only fact I actually stated. You can disagree with everything else I say, but they did give Bioshock a 10/10. Really, check for yourself.

As for you're question, no I didn't respond to it. It was a rather dumb question. Who is 2.0? First off, it should be "What is 2.0?", but to answer you it is a game review site. And the reviews date back a little bit. Not as long as IGN and what not but they have a good number of games reviewed.

Specifically, I responded to you mocking the site. "...their opinion will even be tookin seriouslly goes against ever other reviewer. This is how this site gets hits and draws attention to itself." I don't even think you read the review. The submitter cherry picked the title which is lame on their part, but the review itself says Halo 3 is GOOD. They LIKE Halo. Just because they didn't give they didn't give a 9. something doesn't mean the entire site is uncrediable and baised.

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