Ubisoft puts a stop to Rainbow Six 3: RavenShield 2.0 Mod

DasReviews writes: "Ubisoft seem to be doing everything they can to piss off PC gamers. First, the delay of their PC version games. Then, the online-only DRM (thank God there is now an 'offline' mode) and now the company put a stop to a much anticipated mod. RavenShield 2.0 was supposed to be an overhaul for Rainbow Six 3, that would push its engine to the limits..."

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Nitrowolf22810d ago

F u Ubisoft
I loved Rainbow six one and two, although two didn't really feel like a proper sequel. Give us a New Rainbow six already.

joydestroy2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

i've been wanting a true sequel since the second one came out. i really enjoyed the second one, even though not that much was changed. TERRORIST HUNT FTW!
playing that on the hardest difficulty and with the most enemies was sooooo much fun

femshep2810d ago

i agree they do need to put out a new one and make it like the classic old ones Vegas sucked not to mention it had no real rainbow chars in it

speaking of ubisoft where is Ghost Recon?

Ravenor2810d ago

Ghost Recon died with Ghost Recon 2, I don't know what they were doing with that game.

Vegas is simply Vegas it's not Rainbow Six, I couldn't plan my route!

BattleAxe2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

I loved RSV 1 + 2. The AI was the best in these 2 games. Rainbow Six 3 on PS2 was my next favorite game where they actually had decent AI also. Raven Shield on PC had some of the crapiest AI I've ever seen, and the PC version didn't have wide screen support and you couldn't change the resolution, even though the option was there it just didn't work.

Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm was my favorite GR game of all time. GRAW2 was ok, but all the rest were garbage, especially GR2 and GRAW on PS2, absolute junk. I tried playing GRAW on PC and none of the cross com commands would work which is why I never bothered to play through that version. When it comes to Tom Clancy games, its better to stick to consoles. The PC versions of most of their games always have technical issues.

Warprincess1162810d ago

I think Ubisoft is wrong on this one. If they not making any money off the project. They should be allowed to release the mod.

TheGameFoxJTV2810d ago

EXACTLY. The only ppl who can play it anyways are ppl who have the game. So, they don't have the rights to say stop since the people own what they are modding.

SuperStrokey11232810d ago

I dont see why they would do this really, the game is so old now. THings like this keep interest in a series, it would likely make poeple more interested in RS3...

mightyboot2810d ago

This is not hacking its modding Ubisoft!

bumnut2809d ago

maybe they are afraid modders can make something better than the Ubisoft dev team

Zinc2810d ago

I don't know what they think they are protecting, but it certainly isn't their image or their IP. Why do you think Deus Ex is coming out? Diehard fans that remember that game and continued interest from a still active mod community. Look at the Half-Life model...

I'm not sure if these guys are insane or live in a bizzaro world, but whatever it is... it needs to stop. Maybe you will continue to exist and maybe you won't, but when you create bad blood with your customer base, you certainly aren't planning for future success.

darksied2810d ago

"...but when you create bad blood with your customer base, you certainly aren't planning for future success. "

Activision proves this wrong. I'm not saying it's right, what they're doing, but there's lots of companies out there, Ubisoft included, who do just fine after pissing off some (or many, in Activision's case) of their fans.

Ravenor2810d ago

Because Black Ops on the PC sold as well as Modern Warfare 2 on the PC.

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