An insite into the Mind that is Miyamoto

Nintendo's superstar game developer disscusses some of the reasons he constantly produces hit after hit.

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socomnick4043d ago


Dark_Overlord4043d ago

Not being funny but I think it should read 'sequel after sequel', when was the last time Nintendo created an original new IP?

Husso4043d ago

Aiant it weird that a grown man like him like childish crap s much ?


ChickeyCantor4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

if its really weird then i don't think kids would have so many shows and toys....because adults invent them.

While allot of people try to be mature and turn intoo a robot this guy kept his innerchild to the max =P
and nothing wrong with that.

anonymousAJA4041d ago

The people who make Dora the Explorer and Blue's Clues have lives outside of their colorful creativity while this guy continues to creep people out with by embracing his colorful creativity 24/7. Does this guy have a life other than to be the nightmare of pedifiles.

I can almost imagine how he gets away with it so easily...

Miyamoto- Jimmy if you don't sleep with me, I won't release another Pokemon game.

iceice1234042d ago

Donkeykong country four? He should be good enough, he doesn't need Rare. Make it for the DS and there, millions sold.

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